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  : 1930 - 1939 :  
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:1930 - 1937:
The years 1930-1937 saw events that would sow the seeds of World War II, that included the German Elections, the Nazi Party gained more power. Japan occupied Manchuria. Japanese forces invaded mainland China. FDR became the new US President. Hitler became German Chancellor. Fire destroyed the Reichstag. 'Night Of The Long Knives', purge of Hitler's opponents. Hindenburg died and Hitler took power. Rearmament began in Japan. Hitler reintroduced conscription. Italy invaded Ethiopia. Hitler and Mussolini signed the Axis Pact. German troops regained the Rhineland. Neville Chamberlain became the new British PM. War between Japan and China erupted.

For a more in-depth, chronological list of events for 1930-37, use the 1930-37 link above.

1938 saw further events that put Europe on a collision course for war. Germany entered Austria and is absorbed as part of Germany. The Munich meeting, Hitler and Chamberlain meet. German troops enter the Sudetenland.

For a more in-depth, chronological list of events for 1938, use the 1938 link above.

1939 saw events plunge Europe in war. Nazi Germany invaded Czechoslavkia, Hitler entered Prague. 'Pact Of Steel', German and Italian military alliance. Nazi-Soviet Non-Agrression Pact, Hitler and Stalin signed pact. Germany invaded Poland and World War II is triggered. World War II Began as Britain and France declared war on Nazi Germany. Soviet troops invaded Poland, and then Finland. 'Battle Of The River Plate', British destroyers hunt the German pocket battleship 'Graf Spee'.

For a more in-depth, chronological list of events for 1939, use the 1939 link above.


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This section is part of the 'World War II' zone. 'A Promise Of Peace' tells the story, in chronological order, of World War II.

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