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Appeasement by the British and French was an attempt to avoid war, and now with appeasement Britain and France found themselves at war with an expanding and confident Nazi Germany.

In Britain children were evacuated to the countryside from the cities that were considered potential targets for the Luftwaffe. There was a very real fear among the politicians and the general public of air raids, with also the possibility of attacks using deadly gas. But the enemy air raids did not materialize.

After the declaration of war on Germany, on 3rd September, 1939, the British public entered into a surreal period which became known as 'The Phoney War'. While the war raged in eastern Europe, Britain and France remained surprisingly quiet although in a state of war.

From the start of the war, until May 1940, Britain saw more casualties at home due to the blackout than from the expected air raids. The general public had prepared for air raids in building shelters and practising air raid drills. The blackouts helped hide a city at night from the preying eyes of an enemy air attack, and there were stiff penalties against people who did not follow the strict rules of the blackout. The Air Raid Warden became more hated than Hitler, as one chink of light could reveal the location of a intended target and make it easier for the enemy to rain its destructive capabilities.

But the feared air attacks did not arrive, and after a few weeks the strict regulations of the blackout were relaxed. Theatres and dance halls were reopened to the public to raise morale, but it would be a short reprieve though as the storm clouds of war were gathering and would shortly be coming closer home.

It was the hope that the events and battles in the fields of western Europe, that had been recently seen in World War One, could be avoided and so a the policy of fighting a 'distant war' against Nazi Germany was implemented.

With the division of Poland decided between Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union, the Soviet Union captured the independent Baltic states and then attacked Finland. The British and French engaged the Germans in Norway in the hope of keeping the war away from their respective homelands. By defeating the Germans in Norway it would hinder their supply of iron ore that they obtained from neutral Sweden, which was used for their war machine. Also by defeating the Germans in Norway could create a platform for the Allies to help Finland in their struggle against the Soviet Union.

On 20th January 1940, the First Lord of the Admiralty, Winston Churchill made a radio broadcast from London. The broadcast informed the nation of the 'War Situation' after the first five months of the conflict. He end the broadcast with : "The day will come when the joybells will ring again throughout Europe, and when victorious nations, masters not only of their foes but of themselves, will plan and build in justice, in tradition, and in freedom a house of many mansions where there will be room for all." (The complete speech).

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