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By 1944 it was clear that the fortunes of war had turned against Nazi Germany. The Allies were paying life and limb to insure that world would most definitely not spin on a Berlin-Rome-Tokyo axis and that the Thousand Year Reich would be limited to little more than an horrific decade. To some, this was not the future which had been anticipated. Nor was it a future to be faced without adequate preparation. Towards those ends, on the 10th August in 1944 at the Maison Rouge hotel in Strasbourg was held a secret meeting.

In attendance were top German industrialists and bankers. The agenda was simple: to plan for the future, specifically a secure future for Nazis, following the defeat of Germany at the hands of the Allies. Leading Nazi officials feared retribution from the Allies, sure to come (and it did) as the Allies laid bare the Nazi legacy of murder and slaughter. Rather than face the coming punishment, these Nazi's would seek out safety....away from their homeland, and out of the reach of justice.

It was clear that Nazi Germany's assets would fall into the hands of the ever enclosing enemy. Never mind that these were assets themselves that were stolen from invaded countries and cultures; it was important that these assets should be saved. Saved, first because keeping securely out of judicial reach (and in comfort) both require modest resources, and second because raising a new Reich from the ashes of the soon to be defeated one would need substantial financing. The outcome of the meeting in Strasbourg was the genesis of an organization; one well financed and well organize, with the express purpose of helping fellow fleeing Nazi's escape justice. This organization was named very pragmatically: "The Organization of former SS members" - better known as ODESSA.

In short order, Odessa, built a large and reliable network geared to achieve its ends, and it started acting. Routes were mapped, contacts were established....and influential Nazi's vanished as they were secretly ushered out of Germany and off to foreign countries where they were to start a new life under false names. At the end of the war, only 24 high ranking Nazi officials stood trial, along with many ranked lower. These trials were known as The Nuremberg Trials, for the city in which they were held. The captives were tried on 4 counts: Conspiracy, war crimes, crimes against peace and war against humanity. Eleven of the top Nazi officials, and hundreds of lower rank, were judged guilty and were hanged. Hermann Goering escaped justice by committing suicide while in custody. But many of the Nazi perpetrators were never tried. Instead, they escaped with the help of Odessa.

Some war criminals remained in Germany and took on new identities, managing to get themselves smuggled out of Germany and to freedom during the chaos at the end of hostilities. An underground network called "Die Spiner" (The Spider) supplied false papers and passports, safe houses, and contacts that could smuggle war criminals across the un-patrolled Swiss borders. Once into Switzerland, they were quickly on to Italy, using what some called "The Monastery Route". Once in Italy, the threat was essentially over, and many then dispersed around the world. Many new homes were open to the fleeing Nazis. Third world countries eagerly welcomed the experience and expertise of these Nazi war criminals. Fascist countries, like Spain under Franco, as well as those in South America, became safe havens. And, with the establishment of the state of Israel after World War 2, new vistas opened in the surrounding middle-eastern countries, as they welcomed Nazi's who could and would be used to train armies intended to destroy the newly formed Jewish state.

Third World countries were not alone in providing a new home to fleeing Nazis. Both the USA and Soviet Union made use of them. The CIA was interested in counterintelligence to be applied in a new war, "The Cold War", and it used known Nazi war criminals in its covert activities against the Soviet Union.

After World War 2, in a operation called "Paperclip", the American government allowed select former Nazis into the United States. Many were scientists that would go on to help America land on the Moon, so defeating the Soviet Union in that race. The Space Race was, from the very start, more than just a reach for the strategic "high ground", it was used as part of the propaganda war being played out in the "The Cold War". But Odessa was not a tale comprised only of success stories.

Adolf Eichmann ("The Architect Of Genocide") escaped Germany thanks to Odessa, but he was later captured in South America by Israeli Intelligence agents and brought back to Israel to stand trial for his crimes against the Jewish people. On May 21st 1962, after standing trial in Israel and having been found guilty of the crimes, Adolf Eichmann was hanged. Since the end of World War 2, many terrorist acts against Jewish targets around the world have been credited to Odessa.

In the decades since its inception, many questions have been asked about Odessa. Some, and no few with substance, remain unanswered or only partially answered: Does Odessa still exist? What happened to the ill-gotten Nazi wealth? Where are the vanished works of art? Who has the stolen gold? Who controls the confiscated foreign Currencies? Swiss bankers have never denied holding accounts belonging to Jews killed in the Holocaust. It is also believed that they also hold the wealth of the Nazis - that wealth stolen from conquered countries during the Nazi reign of terror. It is believed that the Swiss banks continue to service the accounts of Nazi war criminals, and that the assets are used to fund Neo-Nazi activities and white supremacy groups around the world today.

These extreme right-wing groups are a new generation of Nazi sympathizers, and so the hate is continued as it is passed on from one generation to another, again proving that those who do not learn from the past.....

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