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When the English, the Americans and the Russians met at Yalta, Stalin wanted 50,000 of the German staff and officers executed, in retribution for the crimes against the Soviet people. Stalin's position was rejected by the Allies. At the Nuremberg Trials, those accused as criminals were judged to determine whether they had:

committed Crimes against peace;
committed Crimes against humanity; or
waged an "aggressive war."

The trials were retribution against those who were party to - and who committed - the systematic extermination of an estimated 6,000,000 Jews as the Nazis cast their genocidal shadow across the face of Europe.

The Trials were also designed to establish a set of rules laying the foundation for future international law. The trials concluded with the adoption of parameters that defined the waging of "aggressive war" and made such unlawful. The Nuremberg Trials also insured that - for the first time in history - statesmen who lead countries into a "aggressive war" were to be held personally responsible for their actions.

Some of the Nazis committed suicide rather than face justice by the Allies, sometimes before capture. Others were set free when the evidence against them was less-than-conclusive.

Some of the Nazis were convicted of war crimes, and they were executed for their crimes. Sadly, history revealed that some criminals - including some of the most notorious Nazis in Germany - managed to escape justice. A number of them were hunted down and captured during the decades following the war -- and others are believed to still be free today.

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