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The Americans were in a hurry to finish the war. They did not intend to share governance of Japan with any of the other Allies, wanting it to remain totally within the sphere of American influence. Stalin declared war on Japan on the 8th of August, as promised, and the Red Army attacked the Japanese in Manchuria. Despite the dropping of the first bomb on Hiroshima and the Russians now battling against them, the Japanese still did not surrender.

The delivery of the second bomb was ordered by Groves. This bomb, called "Fat Man," was a plutonium implosion bomb. The first mission, flown by Tibbets, had perfect, but this mission would prove to be riddled with problems, largely due to the date being brought forward, which didn't allow time for proper preparation of the mission.

The pilot, Major Charles W. Sweeney, had to use a different aircraft, "Bockscar." At 3.49am on the 9th of August 1945, Bockscar - carrying "Fat Man"- headed toward Japan. Immediately after take off, Bockscar flew into a storm, and the rendezvous point with the other aircraft had to be changed. Upon reaching the new meeting point, Bockscar found Great Artist already there, but a third aircraft -- a camera place -- didn't make it. After waiting 45 minutes, using precious fuel, Sweeney decided to continue on toward the target without the missing plane.

On reaching the original drop site, Sweeney's ability to gain a good fix on the target was hampered by low clouds. The Japanese sent up fighter planes and opened up with antiaircraft fire, so it was decided to move on to the secondary target, Nagasaki. The weather was hardly any better at Nagasaki, but it was now essential to drop the bomb, particularly to lighten the load, as fuel was running low.

The Fat Man plutonium bomb, with a 22,000-ton explosive yield -- nearly twice the power of the Little Boy uranium bomb that had destroyed Hiroshima -- exploded over Nagasaki at 11.02am on 9 August 1945. Sixty thousand were killed, but because the bomb missed its target by 3 miles, the surrounding hills shielded many from the blast... otherwise the death toll would have been much higher.

Bockscar, due to the lack of fuel, could not reach base at Tinian. Sweeney headed for Okinawa, the closest friendly base, two hours away. Bockscar had barely enough fuel to make it, but make it they did.

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