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Hitler and the Nazis promoted hate and terror, and its purpose was to free Germany from outside influence. It was to be a Germany, for Germans. A Germany that would be the centre for an Aryan empire, and the German people it was said, were the natural descendants of that mythological race. All those that were not considered Aryan became targets for Nazi persecution and hatred.

Hitler used these groups as 'scapegoats', and these scapegoats would be blamed for Germany's current position. These people were easy targets for the Nazi propaganda and terror machines. They targeted groups such as homosexuals, the disabled, nomads, communists and Jews. Of this group the Jews were the largest and easily identified. All that were not Aryan were considered 'Enemies of the State', and the Nazis went to great lengths to purify the state of their enemies.

The Nazi party orchestrated a 'culture revolution' with organized ritual book burnings, which was an attempt to cleanse the German culture of outside influence and ideas.

By January 1934, after one full year under Hitler control the path had been established. There was no free press, Jews had been expunged from the civil service, party political parties and Trade Unions had been abolished, and the concentration camps were full with 'enemies of the state'.

Hitler's grip on power was by now well established, most of his enemies had been silenced. But he also felt his power under threat from those around him within the Nazi party.

On the night of June 30th, 1934, Hitler eliminated that threat. In what is known as "The night of the long knives", the SS (Blackshirts:Hitler's bodyguards), arrested and murdered all those Hitler believed to be a threat to his power, including those that were part of the SA. The SA (Sturmabteilungen) were Hitler's weapon of terror on the populace, they were also know as 'Brownshirts' or Stormtroopers, and its leaders were considered untrustworthy.

In November 1938, a young Jewish man murdered a German diplomat in Paris and this event alone caused massive retribution on the Jewish community in Germany. In Germany it sparked an excuse for the mob to take the streets, in a well organized party riot, led by the Brown shirts (SA). Jewish properties were the target, which included businesses, homes and religious centres. Synagogues were destroyed and burnt. Shops looted and smashed. It became known as 'Kristallnacht' (Crystal Night), a description of the mobs devastation, and the amount of broken glass from the targeted Jewish shops and property.

But this would be just a prelude, the fate for the 'enemies of the state' had been decided for the near future. Expulsion of these 'enemies' to relocation sites will be part of Hitler's 'Final Solution', and instead of relocation sites their destiny will be the massive network of concentration camps and gas chambers.

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