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A Radio announcer: "This is the BBC home service. The German army invaded Belgium and Holland early this morning by land and landing from parachutes. The armies of the low countries are resisting. Their appeals for help have been to the Allied governments and Allied troops are moving to their support."

When Hitler invaded Poland the Allied forces were mobilized. The British Expeditionary Force joined its French Allies and positioned themselves along the border of France and Belgium. The tactic was to advance into Belgium once the Germans made their move west. The battleground for European armies over the centuries would once again feel the effects of war.

From September 1939, until May 1940, the Allies sat it out facing their foes without much effective action, which was known as The Phoney Offensive. The British dug trenches and the French sat behind its impressive defences, the Maginot Line. For the Germans they were not ready to face the British and French armies in the west, in fact a concentrated Allied attack on German positions could have prevented World War Two from progressing any further. But thoughts were more in line with fighting a 'Distant War', and the French were determined not to fight on French soil.

In fact it was considered any serious offensive against the Germans might ignite the conflict in western Europe. This was to be avoided until the Allies could muster a force that could totally overwhelm its Nazi opposition, but the Allies would not be ready for such an offensive until 1941. The Allies indecision to act would cost them dear.

The French had divided its force along its eastern border from Switzerland to the English Channel to front any Nazi invasion. Its border was strongly defended apart from the area of the Ardennes, which was considered impassable by an army. The French had even ignored intelligence reports that over 50 German divisions had massed near the Ardennes.

On 10th May, 1940, Hitler invaded the low countries with their 'Blitzkrieg' tactics and overran these unprepared territories quickly. The Allies made their move and advanced forward into Belgium to block the Nazi advance, at the same time moving straight into the trap Hitler had set for them.

Penetration through the Ardennes was an important part of Hitler's trap, and as the Allies moved forward to greet the Nazi threat in Belgium, the Nazis swept through in the south with little opposition. By the time all was revealed, all was lost. German advances via the Ardennes had caused panic in Paris as it was generally thought Hitler might head straight towards the French capital. But Hitler had other ideas. After breaking through the Ardennes the German army swept north and headed towards the coast to spring the trap.

The Allies had been outmanoeuvred by the Germans, they executed their plan with great speed, and now the Allied armies faced a disastrous situation contrived by Hitler, of being trapped by a surrounding Nazi force on mainland Europe.

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