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Lee Saunders : A Promise Of Peace
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A Promise Of PeaceA Promise Of Peace
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A Promise Of Peace
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(Total 76:19) 1. Prelude (3:18) 2. For A Thousand Years (4:58) 3. The World Prepares 4. Soldier On Tom (11:18) 5. Not Just A Phoney War (4:54) 6. Face The War Alone (6:50) 7. Is This The Shape (3:43) 8. Alone In The Dark (5:23) 9. This Is The Shape (3:03) 10. Reap The Whirlwind (4:24) 11. Overlord (5:09) 12. The Killing Grounds Of Falaise (2:39) 13. For All Our Tommorrows (4:11) 14. Poor Buggers 1 (4:31) 15. Poor Buggers 2 (3:03) 16. Tommorrow's Going To Be A Lovely Day (5:05).

This has to be the best release of 1995. Before I review this album I am strongly recommending that you go our and buy this album straight away as I am selecting this album as my album for 1995.

The album opens with a short instrumental piece of music entitled"Prelude", this features lots of voice samples which tell of the rise of the German Nazi partly just before the outbreak of the Second World War. "For A Thousand Years" sounds absolutely brilliant, sounding very much like Pink Floyd in style, one automatically thinks of the classic album "The Wall". The vocals here are stunning and remind you very much of Roger Waters, even the female backing vocals stand out well.

"The World Prepares" again has a very distinctive Floyd sound to it which makes it a very interesting piece of music. The female backing vocals sound very familiar to those used on "Dark Side Of The Moon". "Soldier On Tom" is a mellow sounding piece of music which features vocals not unlike those of Roger Waters. I particularly like some of the samples used here like Winston Churchill.

"Not Just A Phoney War" starts off with some fine acoustic guitar and vocals which again give this excellent piece of music a very rich feel to it. "Face The War Alone" is a beautiful piece of music which features some amazing guitar and saxophone passages. This is one of the best tracks on the CD and could almost be single material. "Is This The Shape" starts off with a sample of Winston Churchill's voice, then an orchestral piece of music gently flows in. The vocals and saxophone work blend in really well together, making this a beautifully crafted piece of music. "Alone in The Dark" reminds me a lot of Peter Gabriel, the vocals sound very similar in style, even the music has the same feel about it.

"This Is The Shape" is brilliant, it stars off with a sample of one of Winston Churchill's speeches, then merges into what sounds like he's doing a rap. The electric guitar work is amazing, totally mind blowing. "Reap The Whirlwind" is my personal favourite on the album. The drums are what make this track stand out from the rest of the material on this CD. Again the guitar work is excellent and gives this excellent piece of music a certain bite to it. "Overlord" features eerie samples which then forms into an excellent piece of instrumental blues style of music. "The Killing Grounds Of Falaise" is another melodic piece of music that features symphonic keyboard sounds and harmonic vocal work. This very sombre piece of music which tells of all the horrors of war.

"For All Our Tommorrows" again features some excellent saxophone playing. The guitar work is again superb and stands out very well. "Poor Buggers 1/2" is basically one track which has been grafted together, but sounds totally amazing. This is another standout track that could do well if released as a single. It has a really dynamic sound to it. The album closes with "Tommorrow's Going To Be A Lovely Day". It features various samples taken from VE Day in 1945 and tells of the joy of peace at last. The vocals are really emotional and work well on this closing piece of music.

All in All, an amazing album by Lee Saunders and deserves to do well. I would strongly advise giving this album a listen. Don't take my word for it, this is a totally mind-blowing album and should be in your collection.

Reviewed by Dave Roberts.

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