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Lee Saunders : A Promise Of Peace
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A Promise Of PeaceA Promise Of Peace
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A Promise Of Peace
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(Roger Waters Int. Fan Club).

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A Promise Of Peace is a concept album about World War II. Normally we do not review CD's which are not directly related to Pink Floyd or Roger Waters. But this album is definitely an exception in that it is so similar to Waters own ideals and style. At first listening A Promise of Peace sounded quite interesting. The lush layering of synthesizers and keyboards and the acoustic or rock style guitar, mixed with the very Watersesque sounding songs and sound effects were quite good. But I didn't like the vocals.

But then, upon the second listening, I realised how very Floyd and Waters like much of the album is done. As I listened even more intently, I became enraptured by the words as well as the music.

The length of the album is quite long, at 77 minutes you definitely get your money's worth. The front and back cover is adorned by the British union jack (flag), and attached to the outside is a red plastic poppy. Inside are the full lyrics and credits. Lee Saunders plays all synthesizers and keyboards as well as writing all the songs and lyrics.

The song listing is as follows:

1. Prelude. 2. For a Thousand Years. 3. The world Prepares. 4. Soldier On Tom. 5. Not Just a Phoney War. 6. Face the War Alone. 7. Is This the Shape? Part 1. 8. Alone In the Dark. 9. This Is the Shape. Part II. 10. Reap the Whirlwind. 11. Overlord. 12. The Killing Grounds of Falaise. 13. For all Our Tomorrow's. 14. Poor Buggers Part 1. 15. Poor Buggers Part II. 16. Tomorrow's Going To Be a Lovely Day.

Though lyrically the writing style is different, the similarities to the song writing style of Roger Waters is striking. The sound effects are superb. And, like both Roger and Pink Floyd, a female vocalist is used at times to compliment the vocals as well as a saxophone. What is really strange is that despite the similarity and resemblance in writing style and content to Rogers work, Mr.Saunders only recently began listening to Pink Floyd and Roger Waters, and didn't even know about the political undertones in Roger's writing. The parallelism of similar philosophies as well as writing styles is indeed a strange coincidence.

This album is simply superb! Lee Saunders is no Roger Waters, but if you like the Waters style of music, you probably will like this album. As with many Pink Floyd albums, upon first hearing it I was not overly impressed, but after a few listenings the music and the words began to grow on me more and more and more. The whole album is so extremely well done that upon the third listening, I have fallen in love with it. The lead guitar is not the style of Gilmour's but is still quite good. Had Roger and Dave done the vocals, and Dave done the guitar, this would undeniably be a Pink Floyd album of high calibre.

"A Promise Of Peace" by Lee Saunders is available from Crystal Music International, and for more information contact Adam Scott at Crystal Music International, P.O.Box 2031, Hove, East Sussex, BN3 7HR, England. This album is endorsed by the Royal British Legion, Sussex County, England, and a donation from each sale will be made to the Poppy Appeal, a charity working for world peace. (ala the attached plastic red poppy).

Reviewed by Michael Simone.

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This section is part of the 'World War II' zone. 'A Promise Of Peace' tells the story, in chronological order, of World War II.

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