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Lee Saunders : A Promise Of Peace
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A Promise Of PeaceA Promise Of Peace
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A Promise Of Peace
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There is little doubt as to what influenced Lee Saunders to produce this fine solo CD. Timed to commemorate the 50th anniversary of VE day, this is a slap in your face anti war and right wing bigotry stance.

Having read a few reviews on this album I couldn't help noticing that comparisons with Floyds', 'The Wall' kept popping up. Yes OK this is very Floyd but this is definitely 'final cut' territory or should I say this is what 'final cut' should have been! Before all you manic depressives get the idea that you will be slashing your wrists before the album is over, then just hold your horses.

Although 'A Promise of Peace' illuminates the gruesome events surrounding the Second World War, it doesn't share the miserable depressive foreboding always evident on 'final cut'. This album is indeed compulsive fare. What dominates is some quite superb guitar and sax from Nik Smith and Rob Boyce, with Lee Saunders himself creating grand symphonic moments on the keyboards. Lee's vocals are not too dissimilar to Roger Waters completing the Floyd image.

Linking most tracks you can catch Winston Churchill himself at his eloquent best, See also if you can spot the vehemently rabid Hitler!

Looking through the eyes of a humble British Tommy, Lee Saunders has created a musical masterpiece that can't fail to tap the emotions. Whether it be the rockier hard edged track 'For a Thousand Years' or the truly sublime 'Soldier on Tom', this is pure class!!

Reviewed by Martin Dyas.

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