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Lee Saunders : A Promise Of Peace
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A Promise Of PeaceA Promise Of Peace
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A Promise Of Peace
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"All we are saying, is give peace a chance". Those famous lyrics by John Lennon (we are still missing him, aren't we?) could be Lee Saunders' message. A proof this anthem is not obsolete. On a musical point of view, Lee and his band are rather closer to Roger Waters: the vocals, the guitar parts - oops, I mean David Gilmour's! - and the general structure, the (several devices... An influence he does not except, even if this is quite another generation (Lee is 32, so he didn't go through those dark years but his grand parents did), even if he lives outside the prog spheres... Quite different on a musical point of view, Lennon and Waters are yet very close by their pacifist attitude. But Lennon was more an anti Vietnam soldier, while Waters was more shocked by World War II. Lee Saunders is definitely obsessed by that period: his concept is about 1939-1945. A story of suffer and misery. Of sons killed during the battles (including D day) and parents missing them, for ever.

This doesn't mean he is speaking of the past but of reality. Open your eyes! The news are here to testify that war is not over. This album is just a courageous denunciation of a still present feature : this explains why the major labels refused this project (who spoke of censorship?) and why it's a private release. An acclaimed concept album yet (thank God) which is going to be a film soon... Ouch, I just can't wait, remembering how Marillion's "Brave" (the movie) enlightened "Brave" (the album). A great idea for this concept is very visual (I know it's strange speaking of sight for music!).

The only aspect I regret, on a strictly progressive point of view, is a certain lack of instrumental parts. This will be corrected next time, Lee says, while working on his new project. It's hard to say that because I write lyrics myself. But I must finally admit a strong message needs words better than notes, especially when it's a story. This is the only drawback then... Best value for your money too (sorry Lee, I know you hate that word) since the CD's length is more than an hour (77 mins). But I repeat mainly because this is a great job, a courageous, sincere and generous work. Who wrote that the new generation has nothing to say, no ideals? I suggest he should listen to Lee Saunders carefully. (Crystal Music International).

Reviewed by Thierry Sportouche.

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