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Lee Saunders : A Promise Of Peace
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A Promise Of PeaceA Promise Of Peace
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This atmospheric piece of music offers a musical introduction to the album 'A Promise Of Peace'. The track reflects the rise of Nazism during 1930s, with ghostly soundbytes from the mouth of the Führer, Adolf Hitler.

The track highlights some of events and moments that saw the rise of Hitler, and his final reach for total power over the German people, which will lead them out of the darkness briefly and then onto the path of war and destruction.

"Ich schw›re bei Gott" (By God I swear)

"Heiliges Reich" (Holy Empire)

We can hear a newsreader of the one radio station Germany had at this time, as other stations were not allowed. The station would be used for Nazi propaganda, to tell the people that Hitler was making a difference...

"Es folgt der allgemeine (...)" (the general (...) is following)
"Es waren an Arbeitern und Angestellten
Ende Januar 1933 beschïftigt: 11,55 Millionen
Ende Januar 1936 15,70 Millionen
(Of workers and employee there were
at the end of January 1933: 11.55 million (and)
at the end of January 1936: 15.70 million)

We hear an American commentator reflect on his own opinions about the new Nazi state, with his total disability to see what was clearly happening.

"In America we've had many reports against your new government, and in most cases it has caused hasty demonstrations everywhere. I can now say to you that the American people today realise that these stories are untrue, and without foundation.
"I find that there is a new fresh vitality here in Germany, under your great leader and Chancellor Adolf Hitler, of whom I'm a great admirer.

As the music grows in intensity so does the feeling of foreboding, as we can hear the build-up to war, the sound of marching troops and the sound of their jackboots, as Hitler gains lands across Europe unopposed.

During Prelude we hear Hitler spew his dangerous ideas to the Nazi populace, while other Germans were too scared to speak out, others flocked under his flag of the broken cross, the swastika, which is now seen as a symbol of evil.

Hitler speech:
"Der kostbarste Besitz auf dieser Welt aber ist das eigene Volk. Und f®r dieses Volk und um dieses Volk wollen wir ringen und wollen wir kïmpfen.
Und niemals erlahmen.
Und niemals erm®den.
Und niemals verzagen.
Und niemals verzweifeln.
Es lebe unsere Bildung.
Es lebe unser deutsches Volk.

(But the most precious possession on this world is the own nation (people). And for this nation and with this nation we want to struggle and fight. And never get weary.
And never get tired.
And never get despondent.
And never despair.
Long lives our education.
Long lives our German nation.)

We hear within the music German troops swear an oath to Hitler, who had disregarded the German constitution. This meant that they had to follow his orders, and his orders alone, one leader.... Ein Führer!

German soldiers oath:
A speaker together/alternating with a group of soldiers:

"Ich schw›re" (I swear)
"Ich schw›re bei Gott" (By God I swear)
"den F®hrer Adolf Hitler" (the leader Adolf Hitler)
(By God, I swear to follow and honour the leader Adolf Hitler!)

"Ich schw›re"
"Ich schw›re bei Gott"
"den F®hrer Adolf Hitler"
"Adolf Hitler Adolf Hitler Adolf Hitler Adolf Hitler"

To end this track we hear soldiers cry out "Sieg Heil" - "Sieg Heil" This is the slogan, or the salutation of the leader and his soldiers. It can only be translated word by word as: "Victory Hail".

German translations supplied by Martin Hammoor.

To read reviews on the CD 'A Promise Of Peace' click the album sleeve. To access a sample from this track, and access other samples from the album, use the menu below. All samples are approximately 600k, and every attempt has been made to maintain the quality and speed of the sample.

A Promise Of Peace

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