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Lee Saunders : A Promise Of Peace
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A Promise Of PeaceA Promise Of Peace
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With France defeated and occupied, Hitler turned toward Britain. He wanted the Luftwaffe to clear the skies over southern England, by destroying the Royal Air Force (RAF) and so smashing any British resistance to the Nazi invasion, which was set for the Autumn of 1940. From newly acquired positions in France the Luftwaffe could launch its attack on Britain. Goering believed that his Luftwaffe could eliminate the RAF within four days and win superiority in the air over southern England. But after a month of attacking British fighters still resisted the Nazis' plan.

Is This The Shape? Part 1 portrays the dog fights in The Battle Of Britain from the point of view of the RAF, and the huge task that Fighter Command had to face against overwhelming odds and finally clipping the wings of the Nazi Eagle. The defeat of the Luftwaffe by the RAF convinced Hitler that Goering could not gain air superiority over southern England. This defeat led Hitler to cancel his plans to invade Britain and following the defeat Hitler turned his focus toward the east, and the Soviet Union. Britain had been saved, and although Nazi expansion and success would continue, this event was definitely a turning point.

Churchill said of the pilots and crews of Fighter Command: "Never has so much been owed by so many to so few." (The complete speech).


Don't you think the years were such a waste of time?
With lies and suppression just to keep you all in line.
Bound and blindfolded, you broke the chains that hold you.
And tyranny has just become a distant memory.

Is this the shape? Is this the shape of things to come?
Is this the shape? Is this the shape of things to come?

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A Promise Of Peace

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