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A new section. New and more information on the Slave Camps,
Secret Weapons and Dr. Wernher von Braun.
The new project based on the 'Space Race'. Release Date 2008.


From the outbreak of WW2 British intelligence had been gathering information on developments of a new secret range of weapons. In a speech by Hitler it was reported British intelligence he claimed that Germany was developing a weapon which would have no defence. British intelligence also received what is now known as "The Oslo Report". A report was handed over covertly to British diplomats in Oslo, Norway.

The report contain information on new research regarding weapons. Also in the report were details of a secret installation at Peenemünde, on the Baltic coast, that was developing a long range rocket. Would this rocket carry deadly gas? Or be adapted for germ warfare? It was from such avenues of intelligence that the allies learned about German scientists splitting the atom. Would the rocket they were developing carry an atomic bomb?

In 1939 Hitler had promised the German people that no bombs would fall on German cities. With increased bombing of German cities by the allies during 1942, and the indiscriminate bombings during 1943, enraged Hitler who wanted revenge. "Vengeance". Terror weapon: Hitler boasted to Mussolini and party officials that he would: "Turn London into a garden of ruins". Following the information within the "Oslo Report", and evidence from aerial photography the British authorities decided to act and destroy the secret installation at Peenemünde.

On August 17th 1943, 600 British bombers attack the secret German rocket research facility. Although the raid didn't destroy the base it gave the Nazi's a serious problem, the problem of carrying on with research, development and production of the rocket programme. The problem was solved by moving the rocket programme out of reach of the allied bombers. The Nazi's decided on a underground facility deep in the Harz mountains. By 1944 the whole rocket programme would fall under the control of the brutal SS. From the network of concentration camps, slave labour would be used in the production of the rockets. Many thousands of human beings would suffer and die in the deplorable conditions of the underground network of tunnels that served the SS as slave camps.

The British might not have been successful in destroying Peenemünde, and the Nazi rocket programme with it, but it was successful in delaying mass production of the rocket. In hindsight that delay was priceless, and by the time the Nazi's relocated its operation and mounted mass production, the allies had gained enough time to invade and create a second front on mainland Europe, without a threat from the new weapons.

Hitler had hoped that the rocket would be operational by early 1944, but with the testing moved to Poland and production moved to Nordhausen, delays occurred. Both sides were in a race against time. If the rockets had been ready in early 1944 the build up of forces for Operation Overlord would have been targeted. Overlord might not have been possible. In early 1944 the allies bombed particular areas in Northern France. From intelligence reports and aerial photography they discovered the Nazis preparing special sites to launch their new weapons. The success of these missions can only be gauged by the fact that not one rocket was fired during Operation Overlord, and it was not until June 13th that the first rocket were fired, 7 days after the D-day landings of Operation Overlord.

This was the start of a 3 month offensive using the terror weapon called the V1 (Vengeance 1). The Nazis launched over 2500 flying bombs at London from newly constructed sites at the Par-de-Calais. Although the V1 caused an estimated 6000 deaths, and much anxiety among the populace of London, it did not change the outcome for the battle of France or the outcome of the war, as it was hoped. British defences changed strategy, moving AAA emplacements to the southern coast of England, and redeploying fighter groups to shoot down incoming V1's. These changes weakened the V1's impact on London. With the allies advancing through Normandy the V1's threat was finally eliminated by early September 1944.

Hitler's "Vengeance weapon 2", the V2 rocket, was finally operational ready. On September 8th 1944, the first V2 was fired at London and exploding in Chiswick, the London borough of Hammersmith. Unlike the V1, the V2 gave people no warning. When the V2 re-entered the Earth's atmosphere it would be travelling about 3000mph, invisible and deadly silent. A new reign of terror had begun. The knowledge of this new weapon was suppressed by the British authorities to avoid causing a panic. London endured this new reign of terror for seven months. The British and American authorities were worried that the rocket's payload would carry more than conventional explosives, maybe used as a weapon of mass destruction, a last resort. Then the allies might then have to negotiate peace with the Nazis. Thankfully it never came. In that 7 month reign of terror the Nazis launched over 500 V2 rockets at London. On March 27th 1945 the last V2 was fired at London.

V1 Missile
V1 "Doddlebug".
Wernher von Braun
Von Braun briefs
Nazi onlookers at
A4 test.
Peenemünde Map
The secret installation
at Peenemünde.
V2 Rocket
V2 Test launch.
V2 Launch
V2 launch.
V2 Blast
Effects of a V2
attack in Belgium.

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