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: 2007 :

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January 1st
In Europe, the former Eastern block countries of Bulgaria and Romania joined the European Union.
January 1st
Slovenia adopted the Euro as its official currency, which replaced the 'Tolar'.
January 1st
South Korea's Ban Ki-moon officially became the new UN Secretary-General. He replaced Kofi Annan.
January 1st
In Africa, Angola joined the Oil Organisation OPEC.
January 3rd
In the United States, former U. S. President Gerald Ford (38th President) was buried in Grand Rapids, Michigan.
January 4th
In Washington, United States, the 110th United States Congress was sworn in. Nancy Pelosi was elected speaker, by a vote of 233-202.
January 5th
In Somalia, Africa, fighting broke out for the battle for Ras Kamboni, a town on the border.
January 7th
In Poland, the newly appointed Archbishop Wielgus of Warsaw resigned when it was discovered that he had past associations with the secret police of the former communist regime.
January 8th
In Russia, Russian oil supplies to Poland, Germany and Ukraine were cut which escalated the Russia-Belarus energy dispute. Oil supplies were restored three days later.
January 9th
In San Francisco, United States, the 2007 MacWorld Expo was opened. Apple unveiled the new iPhone, a mobile phone/iPod hybrid.
January 9th
In Somalia, Africa, U.S. warplanes conducted air strikes against suspected terrorists, possibly killing senior Al Qaeda operative Fazul Abdullah Mohammed.
January 10th
In the United States, U.S.President George W. Bush announced a plan to deploy 21,500 additional troops into Iraq.
January 11th
Vietnam joined The World Trade Organisation. Vietnam's entry made it the WTO's 150th member.
January 12th
In Athens, Greece, the US embassy was attacked by a missile. The attack caused minor damage, with nobody injuried.
January 13th
Off the Norwegian Coast in the North Sea, the greek ship 'Server' broke in half. The damage caused massive environmental damage to the coast line when its cargo of over 200 tons of crude oil was released.
January 15th
In Baghdad, Irqa, the former head of Iraqi intelligence and half-brother of Saddam Hussein, Barzan Ibrahim al-Tikritiand and the former chief judge of the Revolutionary Court, Awad Hamed al-Bandar, were executed by hanging.
January 18th
The south of England hit with gale force winds. The winds caused extensive damage across the country and killed 11 people.

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