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January 4th
The UN Security Council voted unanimously and condemned Israel's treatment of the Palestinians.
January 11th
Soviet Union troops stormed the Lithuanian capital Vilnius to stop Lithuanian independence.
January 12th
The U.S. Congress passed a resolution which authorised the use of military force to liberate Kuwait from the invading Iraqi forces.
January 13th
Soviet Union troops assaulted the Vilnius TV tower in Lithuania and killed 14 unarmed civilians and injured many more.
January 14th
Three leaders of the Palestine Liberation Organisation (PLO) guerilla group were targeted and assassinated in Tunis.
January 15th
The United Nations Security Council resolution for the use of force if Iraq had not withdrawn their forces by 15th January, was ignored by Saddam Hussein.
January 16th
Present George Bush Snr. announced the United States attack on Iraq in The Gulf War. 'Desert Shield' became 'Desert Storm' as the Allies forced Iraq from Kuwait.
January 17th
Operation Desert Storm began. The Allied air strikes against Iraq began and Iraq launched 8 Scud missiles into the state of Israel.
February 7th
In London the IRA (Irish Republican Army) launched a surprise mortar attack on the British Prime Minister's residence, 10 Downing Street, during a cabinet meeting.
February 9th
The populace in Lithuania voted for independence from the Soviet Union.
February 15th
Leaders of the former communist countries Czechoslovakia, Hungary and Poland signed 'The Visegrad Agreement', which established the mutual cooperation to move toward a free-market system.
February 18th
The Irish nationalist terror group, the IRA, exploded bombs at two of London's main train stations, Paddington station and at Victoria station.
February 22nd
The Allies rejected a Russian proposal for a cease fire against Iraqi forces. But the Aliies agreed not to attack retreating Iraqi forces only if Iraqi forces leave Kuwait within 24 hours. Iraq ignored the option.
February 23rd
The ground war stage of 'Desert Storm' began as Allied troops crossed the Saudi Arabian border and advanced into the desert and also entered Kuwait.
February 25th
An American military barracks was hit by an Iraqi Scud missile in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia. The attack killed 29 and injuring 99 US servicemen.
February 26th
Retreating Iraqi soldiers ignited the Kuwaiti oil fields as the Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein announced on Baghdad radio the withdrawal of Iraqi troops from Kuwait.
February 27th
The Allies liberated Kuwait. President Bush announced that Kuwait had been liberated by the Coalition forces.
March 3rd
Rodney King was stopped and beaten by officers of the Los Angeles police department. The incident was captured on amateur video, and was seen on TV around the world by a shocked public.
March 3rd
The people of the Baltic states of Latvia and Estonia followed Lithuania's example and voted for independence of the Soviet Union.
March 4th
A most primitive form of the 'World Wide Web' was put online.
March 13th
Exxon agreed to pay $1 billion for the clean-up of the Exxon Valdez oil disaster in Alaska.
March 14th
The 'Birmingham Six' were released after spending 16 years in prison accused of being members of the IRA and bombing a pub in the British city of Birmingham. The court determined that the evidence was fabricated by the police.
March 15th
The four LAPD officers captured on film beating Rodney King were indicted to stand trial.
March - April.
The Shi'ite revolt in Iraq was crushed by Saddam Hussien's Republican Guard in the south, while Iraqi forces suppressed uprisings in northern Iraq, which created a humanitarian disaster as refugees fled for the borders of Turkey and Iran.
President Bush Snr. received highest approval ratings of any sitting President since Harry Truman at the close of World War II.
June 12th
In the Russian election Boris Yeltsin was voted in, and became the new President of the Russian Federation.
June 17th
The intention to dismantle Apartheid was announced as the South African Parliament repealed the Population Registration Act.
June 25th
Both Croatia and Slovenia split and declared their independence from Yugoslavia, originally created in 1948. The civil war in the former Yugoslavia erupted.
The Soviet Union completed the withdrawal of its troops from Czechoslovakia and Hungary in Eastern Europe.
Nelson Mandela, released from prison after 27 years the previous year, was elected unopposed as President of the ANC (African National Congress).
July 1st
The Warsaw Pact was officially disbanded by member states at a meeting in Prague.
July 31st
START I Treaty on disarmament between the United States and the Soviet Union was signed in Moscow by President Bush Snr. and Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev in Moscow.
July 10th
The new President of the Russian Federation, Boris Yeltsin, began his 5-year term as the first elected president of Russia.
July 22nd
The infamous homosexual serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer was caught and arrested when the remains of his victims (11 men and boys) were found in his apartment in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.
August 6th
Tim Berners-Lee released files which described his idea for the 'World Wide Web'.
August 8th
The western hostage John McCarthy kidnapped by Shi'ite Muslims and held in Lebanon, Britain's longest-held hostage in Lebanon, was set free after more than five years in captivity by the group Islamic Jihad.
August 18th
Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev was put under arrest at his dacha while on holiday in the Crimea. The putsch is led by high ranking hard-liners.
August 21st
The Baltic state of Latvia declared its independence from the Soviet Union.
August 20th
In Estonia 100,000 people protest on the streets against the coup that deposed President Gorbachev. Estonia declared its independence from the Soviet Union.
August 24th
On his return to Moscow President Mikhail Gorbachev resigned as leader of the Soviet Communist Party, and disbanded the Central Committee.
August 24th
Ukraine declared independence from Soviet Union.
September 28th
The legendary American jazz musician Miles Davis died.
August 31st
Kyrgyzstan declared independence from the Soviet Union.
August 31st
Uzbekistan declared independence from the Soviet Union.
September 2nd
The United States recognised the independence of the Baltic states, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.
September 5th
The Fall of Communism in the Soviet Union.
September 6th
The Soviet Union recognised the independence of the Baltic States.
September 6th
The Russian city of Leningrad was renamed to its original name of 'St. Petersburg', which was changed in 1924.
September 8th
The Republic of Macedonia became independent.
September 21st
Armenia declared independence from the Soviet Union.
October 2nd
In the United States, William J. Clinton, the Arkansas Governor, announced he would seek the nomination of the Democratic Party for the 1992 election for President of the United States.
October 8th
The Croatian Parliament cut all remaining ties with Yugoslavia.
October 11th
In Moscow, Russia, the KGB (Soviet Secret Police) was replaced by the new SVR.
October 14th
The people of Bulgaria celebrated the end of the rule in their country of the communist party.
October 24th
The American television producer Gene Roddenberry died. Roddenberry was the creator of the cult TV series 'Star Trek'.
October 27th
The first free parliamentary elections were held in Poland.
November 5th
The publishing tycoon Robert Maxwell died. His body was found floating in the sea. It was believed he had fallen off his yacht.
November 7th
The last oil fire well was extinguished in Kuwait, originally ignited by Iraqi troops when they retreated.
November 14th
Two Libyan intelligence officials were accused by the American and British authorities in connection with the 'Lockerbie bombing', the destruction of the Pan Am Flight 103 over the Scotish town of Lockerbie in 1988.
November 18th
The western hostages, Anglican Church envoy Terry Waite and Thomas Sutherland, kidnapped by Shi'ite Muslims and held in Lebanon were finally released.
November 18th
Serbian troops took Vukovar after a siege of 87 days.
November 23rd
Freddie Mercury, lead singer of rock band 'Queen', died of AIDS.
November 27th
The UN Security Council unanimously adopted a resolution to the establishment of peacekeeping operations in Yugoslavia.
November 29th
The Yugoslavian Army began to withdraw from the city of Zagreb.
December 1st
Ukrainian electorate voted for a referendum for total independence from the Soviet Union.
December 4th
In Beirut, Lebanon, American hostage, journalist Terry Anderson, was released after seven years of being held by his Shi'ite kidnappers.
December 8th
The Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) was established at a meeting of the leaders of Russia, Belarus, and Ukraine at the Belovezhskaya Pushcha Nature Reserve in Belarus. The signed agreement signalled the end the Soviet Union.
December 10th
The Maastricht Treaty was signed, in Maastricht, Holland. Countires of the European Community will become the European Union when the treaty takes effect on the 1st November 1993.
December 25th
In Russia, Mikhail Sergeyevich Gorbachev resigned as the President of the Soviet Union.
December 26th
The Supreme Soviet met and officially dissolved the Soviet Union.
December 31st
The Soviet Union officially ceased to exist as an entity, and was resigned to the history books.

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