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January 7th
Emperor Hirohito of Japan died. His death ended the Showa period. Akihito became the new Emperor of Japan, and signalled the beginning of the Heisei period.
January 8th
In England, a British Midland Boeing 737 crashed on the approach to the East Midlands Airport . Known as 'the Kegworth Air Disaster', the accident claimed the lives of 44 people.
January 10th
Valentin Petrovich Glushko died. Engines developed under Glushko were installed on all early Soviet launch vehicles including all variants of the R-7, which launched the Sputnik and Vostok missions.
January 20th
Vice President George Herbert Walker Bush succeeded Ronald Wilson Reagan as President of the United States of America.
January 23rd
The Spanish surrealist artist Salvador Dali died.
January 24th
American serial killer Ted Bundy was executed by the electric chair in Florida.
February 2nd
The last of the Soviet troops left Afghanistan, when an armoured column pulled out of the Afghan capital, Kabul. It ended nine years of military occupation by the Soviet Union.
February 3rd
President P.W. Botha of South Africa resigned his position of party leadership and President due to suffering a stroke.
February 14th
Union Carbide agreed to pay US$470 million to the Indian government for damages it caused in the 1984 Bhopal Disaster.
February 14th
Iranian leader Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini declared a fatwa on the British author Salman Rushdie, which encouraged Muslims around the world to kill the writer of 'The Satanic Verses'.
February 14th
The first of 24 satellites of the Global Positioning System was placed into orbit.
February 15th
The Soviet Union officially announced that all of its troops had left Afghanistan, ending the Soviet war in Afghanistan.
February 16th
Pan Am flight 103 Investigators announced that the cause of the crash was a bomb hidden inside a radio-cassette player.
February 24th
Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini placed a US$3million bounty for the death of British author of 'The Satanic Verses' Salman Rushdie.
March 2nd
Twelve European Community nations agreed to ban the production of all chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) by the end century.
March 4th
In Surrey, England, 'The Purley Rail Crash' claimed the lives of 5 people and 94 injured.
March 7th
Iran broke off diplomatic relations with United Kingdom over the book "The Satanic Verses" by British author Salman Rushdie.
March 14th
President George H. W. Bush Snr. banned the importation into the United States of certain guns deemed as assault weapons.
March 14th
Christian General Michel Aoun declared a 'War of Liberation' to rid Lebanon of Syrian forces and their allies.
March 18th
In Egypt, a 4,400-year-old mummy was found in the Great Pyramid of Giza.
March 20th
Australian Prime Minister Bob Hawke wept on national television as he admited his marital infidelity.
March 23rd
Martin Fleischmann and Stanley Pons announced cold fusion at the University of Utah, but their results could not be substantiated..
March 23rd
A near Earth impact from an asteroid 300m (1,000 ft) diameter missed the Earth by only 500,000 km (400,000 miles).
March 24th
In Alaska's Prince William Sound the Exxon Valdez spilled 240,000 barrels (11 million gallons) of oil after running aground, which caused an environmental disaster.
March 27th
The first free elections for the Soviet parliament go against the Communist Party.
April 7th
The Soviet submarine Komsomolets sank and killed 41 Soviet sailors in the Barents Sea.
April 9th
Massacre of Georgian demonstrators by Soviet troops in Tbilisi's central square at a rally. 20 people were killed and many injured. It was alleged that the Soviet troops used toxic gas on the crowd.
April 15th
In Sheffield, England, during the FA cup semi-final between Liverpool and Nottingham Forest, 96 Liverpool fans were crushed to death. The 'Hillsborough Disaster' was one of the biggest tragedies in European football.
April 20th
NATO debated modernising its short range missiles, the US and Great Britain are in favour, but West German chancellor Helmut Kohl obtained a concession defering a decision.
April 19th
A gun turret on the US battleship Iowa exploded and killed 47 US servicemen.
April 21st
In China students in Beijing, Shanghai, Xian and Nanjing started to strike.
Nikita Khrushchev's 'Secret Speech' denounced Stalin, made in February 1956, was published for the first time.
May 2nd
In Eastern Europe Hungary dismantled 150 miles of barbed wire fencing, opening its border to Western Europe.
May 14th
Mikhail Gorbachev visited China, Gorbachev was the first Soviet leader to visit China since the 1960s.
May 15th
Jackie Mann, a 74-year-old former Battle of Britain pilot, was abducted in Beirut, Lebanon.
May 19th
Chinese leader Zhao Ziyang met the demonstrators in Tiananmen Square.
May 20th
Due to the demonstrations in Tiananmen Square the Chinese government declared martial law in Beijing.
May 30th
In Tiananmen Square, China, student demonstrators unveiled a 10 m (33 ft) high statue named the "Goddess of Democracy".
June 3rd.
Chinese student protests were violently crushed by Chinese troops, and over a 1000 massacred in Tiananmen Square, Beijing in China. The students were protesting for greater feedom and democracy.
June 3rd
The Iranian revolutionary leader, the Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini died.
June 4th
The Tiananmen Square massacre took place in Beijing and was covered live on television.
June 4th
Solidarity's victory in the first partly free parliamentary elections in post-war Poland, this event was first of anti-communist revolutions in Central and Eastern Europe in 1989.
June 4th
A natural gas explosion caused a train disaster near Ufa, Russia. The explosion killed 645 people as two trains passed each other and sparks ignited nearby a leaky gas pipeline.
June 8th
In Austria, Kurt Waldheim was elected the new President of Austria. Waldheim was the former Secretary-General of the United Nations from 1972 to 1981.
June 13th
The wreck of the German battleship 'Bismarck', which was sunk by the British Royal Navy in 1941 during WWII, was located 600 miles west of Brest, France.
June 21st
British police arrested 250 citizens for celebrating the summer solstice in disturbances at Stonehenge, England.
July 20th
The Burmese opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi was placed under house arrest.
July 26th
A federal grand jury indicted Cornell University student Robert Tappan Morris, Jr. for releasing a computer virus, making him the first person to be prosecuted under the 1986 Computer Fraud and Abuse Act.
Voyager II sent back to Earth detailed pictures of the planet Neptune.
August 8th
The NASA Space Shuttle 'Columbia' launched on a secret five-day military operation, mission 'STS-28'.
August 9th
The asteroid 4769 Castalia was the first asteroid directly imaged by radar from Arecibo.
August 19th
Polish president Wojciech Jaruzelski nominated Solidarity activist Tadeusz Mazowiecki to be Prime Minister, and so became the first non-communist in power in Poland for 42 years.
August 20th
In Beverly Hills, California, Lyle and Erik Menendez shot dead their wealthy parents at their home.
August 20th
In London, England the Marchioness pleasure boat collided with a barge on the River Thames and killed 51 people.
August 23rd
Two million people of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, then still occupied by the Soviet Union, joined hands and created an uninterrupted 600 kilometre human chain to demand freedom and independence.
August 23rd
Hungary removed its border restrictions with Austria. The first chinks in the 'Iron Curtain' started to appear in Hungary when Hungarian soldiers removed the barbed wire fences bordering on Austria on May 2nd.
August 25th
Voyager II passed the planet Neptune and its moon Triton.
September 5th
The United States President George Bush Snr. held up a bag of cocaine purchased across the street at Lafayette Park in his first televised speech to the American people.
September 10th
The Hungarian government opened its country's western borders to refugees from the German Democratic Republic.
September 22nd
In Kent, England, Deal Army barracks was attacked when an IRA bomb exploded at the Royal Marine School of Music. 11 people were killed and 22 others injured.
October 5th
US TV Evangelist John Nunes was found guilty of embezzlement of $158 million.
October 9th
An official news agency in the Soviet Union reported the landing of a UFO in Voronezh.
October 9th
In Leipzig, East Germany protesters demanded the legalisation of opposition groups and democratic reforms.
October 19th
In England, 'The Guildford Four' were released from prison after serving 14 years, wrongly convicted in October 1975 for the Provisional IRA's Guildford pub bombing, which killed 5 and injured 65 people.
November 7th
The Communist government of East Germany resigned, although SED leader Egon Krenz remained the head of state.
November 7th
In California, USA, convicted murderer Richard Ramirez (the "Night Stalker") was sentenced to death.
November 9th
East Germany opened checkpoints in the Berlin Wall, allowing its citizens to freely travel to West Berlin for the first time in decades. Thousands of Germans from both sides gather at the Berlin Wall.
November 10th
The Berlin Wall became the focus of attention as celebrating Germans began to tear the wall down.
November 10th
45 years of Communist rule in Bulgaria was ended when Bulgarian Communist Party leader Todor Zhivkov was replaced by the Foreign Minister Petar Mladenov, who then changed the party's name to the Bulgarian Socialist Party.
November 16th
The South African President FW de Klerk announced the scrapping of the 'Separate Amenities Act'.
November 17th
In Czechoslovakia a peaceful student demonstration in Prague was severely beaten back by riot police. This sparked 'The Velvet Revolution' aimed at overthrowing the Communist government.
November 20th
In Czechoslovakia the number of peaceful protesters assembled in Prague increased from 200,000 the previous days to an estimated half-million people.
November 22nd
In west Beirut, Lebanon, a bomb was detonated near the Presidential motorcade. The explosion from the bomb killed the Lebanese President Rene Moawad.
November 28th
Due to the 'Wind of Change' throughout Eastern Europe and the growing support on the streets of Prague, the Communist Party of Czechoslovakia announced they will give up their monopoly on political power.
December 1st
East Germany's parliament abolished the constitutional provision granting the Communist-dominated SED its monopoly on power. Egon Krenz, the Politburo and the Central Committee resigned two days later.
1st - 3rd
The Malta Summit between US President George Bush Snr. and Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev released statements indicating that the 'Cold War' between their nations were coming to an end.
December 6th
In Canada, Marc Lépine, an anti-feminist gunman, murdered fourteen women at the École Polytechnique in Montreal.
December 15th
Drug baron Jose Gonzalo Rodriquez Gacha was killed by Colombian police in a shootout.
December 17th
In Timisoara, western Romania, demonstrators prevented the arrest of a popular Protestant minister, which soon led to prodemocracy rallies that started the uprising against Ceausesau's dictatorship.
December 20th
United States intervention in Panama as US troops invaded Panama in 'Operation Just Cause' to overthrow and arrest Manuel Noriega. Noriega took refuge in the Vatican mission until January 3rd 1990.
December 22nd
Revolution in Romania. Romanian leader Niolae Ceausesau gave a speech from the balcony of his Presidential palace. Due to the crowd reaction he decided to flee. Ion Iliescu became the new President which ended Ceausesau's dictatorship.
December 23rd
Deposed Romanian leader Niolae Ceausesau and his wife Elena were captured. They faced a trial and were found guilty.
December 25th
Niolae Ceausesau and his wife Elena were executed on Christmas Day. Images of their bodies were televised around the world.
December 29th
Elections in Czechoslovakia saw a huge victory of the Velvet Revolution as Czech dramatist, politician and human rights activist Václav Havel was elected the new President of Czechoslovakia.

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