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January 11th
In the Sahara desert, North Africa, British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher's son, Mark, disappeared during the Paris-Dakar rally. He was found on January 14th.
January 26th
In Finland, Mauno Koivisto was elected the new President.
January 28th
James L. Dozier was rescued by Italian anti-terrorism forces after 42 days of captivity under the Red Brigades.
February 2nd
Hama Massacre began in Syria.
February 3rd
Syrian president Hafez al-Assad ordered the army to purge the city of Harran of the Muslim Brotherhood.
February 5th
Laker Airways collapsed, which left 6,000 passengers stranded and the company with debts of £270 million.
February 15th
The oil platform Ocean Ranger sank during a storm off the coast of Newfoundland, 84 rig workers were killed.
February 19th
In Northern Ireland, the DeLorean Car factory in Belfast was put into receivership.
March 10th
The United States placed an embargo on Libyan oil imports, and accused the Libyans of supporting terrorist groups.
March 10th
Syzygy : All 9 planets were aligned on the same side of the Sun.
March 18th
In South Georgia, in the South Atlantic, an Argentinean scrap metal dealer raised the Argentinean flag.
March 19th
Argentine forces landed on South Georgia Island, in the South Atlantic.
March 26th
In the United States, a ground breaking ceremony for the Vietnam Veterans Memorial was held in Washington DC.
April 2nd
The Falklands War. At 4.00am Argentine troops invaded the south Atlantic Falkland Islands, known as the Malvinas in Argentina. The Islands had been a British colony since 1833. Falklands War began.
April 4th
In the South Atlantic, the British Falkland Islands government surrendered the islands to Argentinean control.
April 25th
In the Middle-East, Israel completed the withdrawal from the Sinai peninsula as per the Israel-Egypt Peace Treaty.
May 1st
In Falklands Islands, a British Royal Air Force Vulcan bomber took off from Ascension Island and bombed the Port Stanley Airport.
May 1st
The British task force arrived in the south Atlantic and implemented a 200 mile exclusion zone around the Islands. The hostilities started as the British and Argentine armed forces clashed.
May 2nd
At 4.00pm, acting on orders direct from London, the British nuclear submarine HMS Conquerer fired three torpedos at the Argentine destroyer the 'General Belgrano'. Two torpedos hit and destroyed the destroyer with huge loss of life.
May 5th
In the United States, a 'Unabomber' bomb exploded in the computer science department at Vanderbilt University and injured the secretary Janet Smith.
May 12th
Spanish priest Juan Hernandes tried to stab Pope John Paul II with a bayonet during the Pope's pilgrimage to the Fatima shrine.
May 21st
In the Falklands, Royal Marines and paratroopers from the British Task Force landed at San Carlos Bay on the Falkland Islands and raised the Union Flag.
May 23rd
In the Falklands War, the British Royal Navy ship HMS Antelope exploded.
May 24th
Iranian troops retook Khorramshahr.
May 25th
In the Falklands War, the Argentine air force had already hit HMS Sheffield and then hit the British ship the Atlantic Conveyor. Both ships were hit with the French made Exocet missile.
May 28th
In the Falklands War, British troops reached the settlement of Darwin in the Falkland Islands.
May 29th
In the Falklands War, British Paratroopers defeated a larger force of Argentine troops in the 'Battle of Goose Green'. It was the first land battle of the war.
May 30th
Spain became the 16th member of NATO and the first nation to enter the alliance since West Germany's admission in 1955.
May 31st
In the Falklands War, the 'Battle of Port Stanley' began. Port Stanley is the capital of the Falklands Islands and was where the Argentine HQ was based.
June 6th
In Lebanon, Defense Minister Ariel Sharon ordered Israeli forces to invade southern Lebanon in 'Operation Peace for the Galilee'. The Israeli forces reached as far north as the capital, Beirut.
June 6th
United Nations Security Council voted to demand that Israel withdraw its troops from Lebanon.
June 8th
In Britain, United States President Reagan became the first American chief executive to address a joint session of the British Parliament in London.
June 12th
In the United States, 750,000 people demonstrated against nuclear weapons in New York City's Central Park. Stars such as Bruce Springsteen and Linda Ronstadt were in attendance.
June 14th
In the Falklands War, British forces regained control of the Falklands Islands, as the Argentine forces surrendered in Port Stanley and ended the hostilities in the Falklands War.
June 19th
In Britain, the body of 'God's Banker', Roberto Calvi, chairman of Banco Ambrosiano was found hanged beneath Blackfriars Bridge in London.
June 22
A British Airways Boeing 747 suffered a temporary four-engine flameout and damage to the exterior of the plane after flying through the otherwise undetected ash plume from Indonesia's Galunggung.
July 1st
In the United States, the Reverend Sun Myung Moon married 4,150 of his followers at New York City's Madison Square Garden.
July 4th
Four Iranian diplomats have been kidnapped upon Israel invasion of Lebanon.
July 9th
A Boeing 727 carrying Pan Am Flight 759 crashes in Kenner, Louisiana killing all 146 on board and eight on the ground.
July 9th
In Britain, intruder Michael Fagan got into Buckingham Palace in London and into the Queen's bedroom and sat on her bed for a chat.
July 16th
The Reverend Sun Myung Moon is sentenced to 18 months in prison and fined $25,000 for tax fraud and conspiracy to obstruct justice.
July 20th
In Britain, the IRA detonated two bombs in central London. The bombs killed eight soldiers, wounded 47 people and the deaths of 7 horses.
July 21st
In Britain, HMS Hermes, the Royal Navy flagship during the Falklands War, returned home to Portsmouth to a hero's welcome.
July 23rd
The International Whaling Commission decided to end commercial whaling by 1985-86.
August 4th
United Nations Security Council voted to censure Israel because its troops were still in Lebanon.
August 20th
In Lebanon, a multinational force landed in Beirut to oversee the PLO withdrawal from Lebanon. French troops arrived on August 21st and US marines on August 25th.
September 14th
A Bomb killed President-elect of Lebanon, Bashir Gemayel. His brother was elected President on September 23rd.
September 15th
Grace Patricia Kelly, American actress and Princess of Monaco died from injuries sustained in a car crash the previous day.
September 18th
Lebanese Christian Militia killed hundreds in the Palestinians in Sabra and Chatila refugee camps in West Beirut.
September 25th
In Israel, 400,000 demonstrators marched and demanded the resignation of the Prime Minister Menachem Begin.
October 1st
In West Germany, Helmut Kohl replaced Helmut Schmidt as the new Chancellor of West Germany through a 'Constructive Vote of No Confidence'.
October 8th
In Poland, the Polish communist government banned the trade union Solidarity.
October 11th
In Britain, the flagship of Henry VIII of England, the 'Mary Rose', was raised in Solent, off Portsmouth. The 'Mary Rose' sank in 1545.
October 19th
In the United States, John De Lorean was arrested for selling cocaine to FBI undercover agents. He was later found 'not guilty', due to entrapment.
October 28th
In Spain, the Socialist Party won the election in Spain. The victory elected Felipe González as the new Prime Minister.
November 2nd
In Britain, Channel 4 aired for the first time. C4 was the fourth terrestrial television channel in the United Kingdom. The first programme to be broadcasted was the quiz show 'Countdown'.
November 3rd
In Afghanistan, a Gasoline tanker exploded in the Salang Tunnel, which killed over 2,000 people.
November 7th
In Britain, the first public demonstration of the Thames Barrier occured in London. Designed to prevent the river Thames from flooding.
November 12th
In the Soviet Union, former KGB head Yuri Andropov was selected and became the general secretary of the Soviet Communist Party's Central Committee. Andropov succeeded the late Leonid I. Brezhnev.
November 13th
In the United States, the Vietnam Veterans Memorial was dedicated in Washington D.C. after a march to its site by thousands of Vietnam War veterans.
November 14th
In Poland, Lech Walesa, the electrician at the Lenin Shipyard in Gdañsk and the leader of Poland's outlawed trade union, Solidarity, was released after an internment of 11 months.
November 15th
Soviet leader Leonid Brezhnev died. Yuri Andropov, former head of the KGB, became the new Party General Secretary in the Soviet Union.
November 29th
Soviet forces invaded Afghanistan. In response the United Nations General Assembly passed United Nations Resolution 37/37, which stated that the Soviet Union forces should withdraw from Afghanistan.
December 2nd
In the United States, Barney Clark, a 61-year-old retired dentist became the first person to receive a permanent artificial heart. The surgery was perfomed at the University of Utah. Clark lived for only 112 days with the artificial heart.
December 4th
The People's Republic of China adopted its current constitution.
December 7th
In the United States, the first execution by lethal injection was carried out in the state of Texas.
December 12th
In Britain, the women's peace demonstration at Greenham Common created a human chain around the base. 30,000 women held hands around perimeter fence, which stretched over 9 miles (14.5 km).

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