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January 4th
United States President Jimmy Carter, supported by the European Commission, declared a grain embargo against the Soviet Union, in response to the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan in 1979.
January 9th
In Saudi Arabia, 63 Muslim fanatics were beheaded for their part in the siege of the Great Mosque in Mecca in November 1979.
January 22nd
In Russia, scientist and human right activist Andrei Sakharov was arrested in Moscow.
January 26th
In the Middle-East, Israel and Egypt established diplomatic relations.
February 4th
In Tehran, Iran, the Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini named Abolhassan Banisadr the President of Iran.
February 23rd
In Tehran, Iran, the Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini stated that Iran's parliament would decide the fate of the American embassy hostages.
March 1st
NASA's Voyager 1 probe confirmed the existence of Janus, a moon of Saturn.
March 3rd
In Canada, Pierre Trudeau returned to office as Prime Minister of Canada.
March 4th
In Zimbabwe, Africa, black majority rule was established in Zimbabwe, formally known as Rhodesia. Robert Mugabe was elected as the Prime Minister.
March 18th
In Russia, 50 people were killed at the Plesetsk Cosmodrome when a Vostok-2M rocket exploded on the launch pad during a fueling operation.
March 20th
In Britain, the famous pirate radio station Radio Caroline sank.
March 21st
In the United States, President Jimmy Carter announced that the United States would boycott the 1980 Summer Olympics in Moscow, in another response to the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan in 1979.
March 24th
Australia Olympic Committee announced it would send an Olympic delegation to Moscow, despite objections by the Prime Minister Malcolm Fraser.
March 27th
In the North Sea, the Norwegian oil platform Alexander Kielland collapsed and killed 123 of its crew of 212.
March 31st
In the United States, the legendary American athlete Jesse Owens died. Owens was the hero of the 1936 Berlin Olympics in Nazi Germany, watched by Adolf Hitler.
April 7th
The United States severed diplomatic relations with Iran and imposed economic sanctions in response for the taking of the American embassy hostages on November 4th 1979.
April 10th
In Europe, United Kingdom and Spain agreed to reopen the border between Gibraltar and Spain, which had been closed in 1969.
April 18th
In Africa, Zimbabwe gained its independence from the Britain. Robert Mugabe took his post as the Prime Minister.
April 21st
In the United States, Rosie Ruiz won the Boston Marathon, but was later exposed as a fraud and stripped of her award.
24th - 25th
In Iran, Operation Eagle Claw, a commando mission to rescue the American embassy hostages, was aborted after mechanical problems grounded the rescue helicopters. Eight United States troops were killed in a mid-air collision during the failed operation.
April 30th
In Britain, the Iranian embassy siege began. Six Iranian born terrorists took over Iranian embassy in Knightsbridge, London. The terrorists seizied the building and hostages.
May 4th
In Yugoslavia, President Tito died. Tito was a partisan leader during World War II in the fight against the Nazis. He became President of Yugoslavia at its conception in 1948.
May 5th
In London the Iranian embassy siege ended. British special forces, the SAS, stormed and retook the Iranian embassy in Knightsbridge in front of the world's media. Five of the Iranian born terrorists were killed and one terrorist survived.
May 7th
In the United States, Paul Geidel, who was convicted of second-degree murder in 1911, was released from prison in Beacon, New York. Geidel served 68 years and 245 days in prison, which was to date the record of prison time served by an inmate.
May 9th
In Florida, a Liberian freighter named the Summit Venture hits the Sunshine Skyway Bridge over Tampa Bay sending 35 people (most of whom were in a bus) to a watery death as a 1,400-foot section of the bridge collapsed.
May 18th
In the United States, Mount St. Helens erupted in Washington. The eruption killed 57 people and causws nearly US$3 billion in damage.
May 24th
The International Court of Justice called for the release of the American embassy hostages in Tehran, Iran. The hostages had been held since November 4th 1979.
May 26th
In South Korea, military government forces and pro-democracy protesters clashed. 2000 demonstrators were killed.
June 10th
In the United States, a 'Unabomber' bomb injured Percy Wood. Wood was the President of the United Airlines in Lake Forest, Illinois.
June 19th
In Iraq, Iraqi security forces shoot dead three gunmen who attacked the British embassy in Baghdad. The unknown attackers were killed in the embassy gardens by Iraqi security men, sent at the urgent request of the British ambassador, Alex Stirling.
June 23rd
Sanjay Gandhi, son of Indira Gandhi, died in an air crash.
June 25th
Muslim Brotherhood assassination attempt against Syrian President Hafez al-Assad failed. Assad retaliated and sent the army against them.
July 9th
In Brazil, South America, on a visit by Pope John Paul II, 7 people were crushed to death in the crowd that greeted him.
July 19th
In Turkey, the former Turkish Prime Minister Nihat Erim was assassinated by two gunmen in Istanbul.
July 19th
In the Soviet Union, the Summer Olympic Games began in Moscow. Many western countries boycotted the event as a political statement in response to Soviet aggression and the invasion of Afghanistan in 1979. The games ended on August 3rd.
July 24th
The English actor and comedian Peter Sellers died. Famous for many film roles, including the 'Cold War' spoof 'Dr. Strangelove', when Sellers played three different characters.
August 2nd
In Italy, a terrorist bomb was exploded at a railway station in Bologna, which killed 85 and wounded over 200 people.
August 14th
In Poland, Lech Walesa, an electrician at the Lenin Shipyard in Gdañsk, led the first strike that challenged the Polish communist government.
August 17th
In Australia, baby Azaria Chamberlain disappeared from a campsite at Ayers Rock (Uluru). The baby was thought to have been taken by a dingo.
September 17th
In Poland, Solidarity (Solidarnosc) trade union was founded in Poland after weeks of strikes at the Lenin Shipyard in Gdañsk. The electrician, Lech Walesa, became the leader of the Solidarity (Solidarnosc) trade union. Strikers opposed the Soviet backed Polish communist government.
September 22nd
In the Middle-East, the Iran-Iraq war erupted. The command council of Iraq ordered its army to attack Iranian military targets.
October 27th
In Northern Ireland, 6 IRA prisoners, including Bobby Sands, in the Maze prison demanded political prisoner status. The prisoners started a hunger strike to force the change of status.
October 30th
In Central America, El Salvador and Honduras signed a peace treaty to put the border dispute fought over in 1969's 'Football War' before the International Court of Justice.
October 31st
The communist Polish government recognised Solidarity (Solidarnosc) as a trade union. Lech Walesa, an electrician at the Lenin Shipyard in Gdañsk was the trade union's leader.
October 31st
Mohammad Reza Shah, eldest son of the late shah of Iran, proclaimed himself the rightful successor to the Peacock Throne.
November 4th
In the U.S. Presidential election, the Republican challenger, former Governor of California and ex-Hollywood film star Ronald Reagan, defeated Democrat President Jimmy Carter by a wide margin exactly one year after the start of the Iran hostage crisis. Reagan was elected President by the largest margin since the election of 1932.
November 12th
NASA's space probe Voyager I made its closest approach to Saturn when it flew within 77,000 miles of the planet's cloud-tops and sent the first high resolution images of the world back to scientists on Earth.
November 20th
In the People's Republic of China, the trial of the Gang of Four began.
November 21st
In the United States, a serious fire at the MGM Grand Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada killed 87 people.
December 8th
In the United States, musician, composer and ex-Beatle John Lennon was shot outside the Daykota building, his New York apartment, by crazed fan Mark Chapman.
December 16th
During a summit on the island of Bali, the OPEC decided to raise the price of petroleum by 10%.
World Health Organisation announced the eradication of smallpox disease.
CNN (Cable News Network) was founded. The 24 hour news channel, based in Atlanta, Georgia, was the creation of Ted Turner.
The Stealth Bomber was announced in the United States.
The computer revolution began.

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