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February 4th
Edward Heath was replaced as the leader of Conservative Party by Margaret Thatcher. The battle for the leadership was dubbed as the 'Peasants Revolt'.
April 29th
North Vietnamese forces advanced on Saigon. The last Americans and pro-American South Vietnamese departed on helicopters from the rooftop of the US Embassy.
April 30th
Communists captured Saigon and took over South Vietnam. Vietnam was reunited under Communism. Laos and Cambodia came under Communist rule. In Cambodia Pol Pot (Khmer Rouge) took power.
As part of détente, 33 nations gathered at the Final Act of the Conference on Security and cooperation in Europe, held in Helsinki, Finland.
July 15th - 24th
Apollo and the Soviet Soyuz docked in space, 17th July, as part of détente. The Apollo 18 crew was Tom Stafford, Deke Slayton and Vance Brand. The Soyuz 6 crew was Alexey Leonov and Valery Kubasov.
August 1st
The 'Final Act' was signed in Helsinki capital of Finland.
August 20th
NASA probe Viking I was launched for a mission on Mars.
September 9th
NASA probe Viking II was launched for a mission on Mars.
November 20th
General Francisco Franco, Spanish dictator died.
November 22nd
Juan Carlos became King, as Spain reverted from a dictatorship to a monarchy.
Civil war erupted in Lebanon between the conservative Christians and Muslims of the left, backed by the PLO.
Angola and Mozambique in Africa gained independence.
Papua New Guinea gained independence.

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