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: 1962 :

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February 20th
Mercury-Atlas 6. Astronaut John Glenn became first American to orbit the Earth. Glenn made a successful three-orbit flight of the Earth.
May 30th
SS Adolf Eichmann was found guilty for his crimes against the Jews, and was hanged in prison, in Jerusalem, Israel.
July 10th
Launch of the Telstar satellite (USA). The Telstar was the first commercial communications satellite.
11th - 12th
Two Russian spacecraft, Vostok 3 and Vostok 4, became the first spacecraft's to orbit together.
August 17th
German Peter Fechter is shot while trying to cross the Berlin Wall from East to the West. He tragically died slowly and could not be helped by the West due to high tensions between the East and West.
September 12th
President Kennedy made an address at Rice University, Houston, Texas.
October 1st
James Meredith became the first black American student to attend the University of Mississippi. More than 3,000 troops were dispatched to quell riots throughout the state.
October 14th
The 'Cuban Missile Crisis'. United States U2 satellite photos showed construction of nuclear missile sites in Cuba capable of reaching the United States.
October 16th
President Kennedy was shown the U2 photographs of the missile construction sites on Cuba at the White House, Washington D.C., USA.
October 18th
President Kennedy had a meeting with the Soviet Union Foreign Minister Andrei Gromyko and discussed Cuba, but he did not mention US knowledge of Soviet missiles.
October 21st
Soviet ships carrying nuclear missiles headed for Cuba. President Kennedy decided on a blockade of Cuba as the course of action.
October 22nd
President Kennedy addressed the nation live on tv and radio and informed the American public, and the world, of the Soviet missile presence on Cuba.
October 25th
UN Security Council debated the Cuban crisis. US UN ambassador Adlai Stevenson confronted the Soviet UN ambassador Valerian Zorin. The Council and the World saw photos of the Soviet missiles.
October 28th
Soviet leader Khrushchev 'blinked' and ordered the missile carrying ships not to cross the US blockade, and to return home. Third World War is avoided. Radio Moscow broadcasted Khrushchev's message.
Chinese-Indian war. India lost border war with China.
Jamaica, Trinidad and Tobago gained independence.

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