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January 20th
President John F. Kennedy delivered his Inaugural Address in Washington, USA.
March 23rd
Cosmonaut Valentin Bondarenko was tragically killed in a bizarre accident during training.
April 12th
Yuri Gagarin became the first human to go into Space in Vostok 1, as the Soviet Union led the space race.
April 15th
US trained Cuban exiles launched a failed military invasion of Cuban at the Bay of Pigs.
May 5th
Alan Shepard became the first American in Space when he flew his mission in Mercury-Redstone 3 (MR-3).
May 25th
President John F. Kennedy gave a speech to Congress and committed the United States to landing a man on the Moon by the "end of the decade", 1970.
June 3rd - 4th
Soviet leader Khrushchev met President Kennedy in Vienna, Austria. Both leaders of the East and the West took the opportunity to take measure of each other.
July 21st
Gus Grissom in Mercury-Redstone 4 completed America's second sub-orbital flight.
August 6th
Vostok 2. The Russians were the first to orbit the Earth in a manned spacecraft as Gherman Titov orbited the Earth for over 24 hours.
August 13th
The Cold War heated up as the Berlin Wall was erected by the Soviet and East German authorities.
October 30th
The Soviet Union broke its promise made at the Vienna conference and detonated the world's largest atomic bomb at Novaya Zemlya. The 'Monster Bomb' had a yield of 57 megatons, which was the quivalent to 57 million tons of TNT, more explosive than was used by all the combatants during World War II. The desired effect was for 'The Sword of Damocles' to hang over the head of the West.
Adolf Eichmann was snatched in Argentina by Israeli agents and faced trial in Israel for his war crimes during WW2. As an SS officer he was responsible for implementing the genocide against the Jews.
White South Africans voted to become a republic.

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