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January 9th
United States troops landed on Luzon.
January 17th
The Russians liberated the capital of Poland, Warsaw.
January 22nd
The Burma Road was reopened.
With the dissolution of concentration camps further east, more and more prisoners were transferred to Dora-Mittelbau in central Germany.
February 4th
The Yalta conference. British Prime Minister Churchill, United States President Roosevelt and the Soviet leader Stalin met in the Crimea to discuss future policies involving the shape of Europe after the war.
February 9th
British and Canadian troops reached the river Rhine, Germany.
13th - 14th
The eastern German city of Dresden was devastated by Allied bombers. Budapest surrendered to the Russians.
March 6th
The Allies took the German city of Cologne.
March 16th
Iwo Jima was captured by the Americans.
March 20th
The British recaptured Mandalay.
March 23rd
British forces cross the German river Rhine in force.
The evacuation (death marches) of the main and sub-camps at Dora began.
April 1st
Allied troops encircled the Ruhr. United States landed on the island of Okinawa.
April 11th
The first US soldiers reached camp Dora and the underground Mittelwerk factory. Liberation of Dora-Mittelbau.
April 12th
United States President Franklin D. Roosevelt died in the White House, of cerebral brain haemorrhage at the age 63. Harry Truman was sworn in as the new President.
April 13th
Belsen and Buchenwald concentration camps were liberated by the British. The Russians occupied Vienna, in Austria.
April 16th
The Russians advanced onto the German capital, Berlin.
April 28th
Deposed Italian leader Mussolini was killed, and his body strung up a lamp post by a mob. The Allies captured Venice, northern Italy.
April 29th
The German unconditional surrender was signed at Caserta. Dachau was liberated. The Allies entered Milan, northern Italy.
April 30th
The Führer, Adolf Hitler, and his recently married wife Eva Braun, committed suicide in his bunker in the German capital Berlin. The bodies are burnt to avoid capture.
May 2nd
Berlin was captured by the Red Army. Soviet General Zhukov entered, conquered and excepted the Nazi surrender in a devastated Berlin.
May 3rd
The Allies captured Rangoon.
May 5th
All German forces in Holland, Denmark and Germany surrendered unconditionally to the Allies.
May 7th
Nazi Germany surrendered.
May 7th
The US detonated 100 tons of TNT in the New Mexico desert, USA, as a pre-test for the Manhattan Project's atomic 'Trinity' test. The explosion had a yield of 0.1 kiloton.
May 8th
British Prime Minister Winston Churchill and the United States President Truman proclaimed V.E. Day (Victory in Europe Day).
May 9th
The unconditional surrender of Germany to the victorious Allies was ratified in Berlin.
May 13th
The Russians suppressed resistance in Czechoslovakia.
June 10th
Australian troops landed in Borneo.
June 12th
General Dwight D. Eisenhower, Allied Supreme Commander, delivered a victory speech to British lords and royalty at the Guildhall in London.
June 21st
The island of Okinawa was captured by United States forces.
June 26th
The United Nations organization was formed, and its constitution established in San Francisco, USA.
Around 100 finished rockets were documented as well as many partial ones. All of them were taken away by the American soldiers and shipped back to the United States to be studied.
July 16th
At 5.29am the US detonated the first atomic bomb in New Mexico, USA. 'Trinity' was the result of the Manhattan Project. The 21 kiloton yield created a temperature of 10 million degrees at ground zero.
July 17th
The Potsdam Conference. British Prime Minister WInston Churchill, United States President Truman and Soviet leader Stalin met for post-war dicussions. The conference was interupted because of the British General Election, and Churchill had to return to England.
July 27th
The General Election in Britain. Winston Churchill lost, and a Labour government took power. Clement Attlee became the new Prime Minister. Attlee took his place at the Potsdam Conference.
The construction of the V2 began again at the "Zentralwerk" or Central Works in Bleicherode under the direction of Soviet officers. The Soviets attempted to piece together what the Americans had left.
August 6th
The United States dropped an atomic bomb (Little Boy), at 8.15am on the Japanese city of Hiroshima. The US B29 bomber, the Enola Gay, delivered a new and powerful weapon with a yield of 15 kilotons.
August 8th
Russia declared war on Japan.
August 9th
At 11.02am the US dropped another atomic bomb (Fat Man) on the Japanese city of Nagasaki. The atomic blast had a yield of 20 kilotons which killed tens of thousands and laid waste to the city.
August 10th
The American rocket scientist Robert Goddard died. He outlined the possibility of reaching the Moon in his 1920 paper, and he launched the world's first liquid propellant rocket in 1926 in the United States.
August 14th
Japan surrendered, and World War II comes to an end.
August 15th
Emperor Hirohito of Japan broadcasted on the radio the unconditional Japanese surrender to his country. It is the first time that an Emperor had directly addressed the people of Japan.
September 2nd
Japanese surrender was signed on the USS Missouri in Tokyo Bay, Japan.
September 5th
British forces re-entered Singapore.
September 13th
The Japanese surrender in Burma was signed.
World War II ends. Remember.
November 45 -
October 46
The Nuremberg Trials were held, as leading Nazi leaders were tried for war crimes. The trials were organized by the Allies (Britain, USA, Soviet Union and France).
The grounds of the former concentration camp Dora became a quarantine camp for resettlement, and remained in that function until August 1946.

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