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January 12th
General Juin (Free French) attacked near Cassino.
January 19th
The Russians captured Novgorod.
January 22nd
The Allies landed at Anzio. The operation was to cut off any German retreat from Cassino.
January 27th
The siege of Leningrad is broken. Leningrad has been under siege since September 1941. An estimated 1.5 million are believed to have perished from shelling, starvation and the extreme cold.
The first 52 V2 rockets left the "Mittelwerk". In the same month 679 prisoners have died or were killed.
February 15th
The Cassino monastery was totally destroyed.
February 16th
Kesselring launched counter attack at Anzio against the Allied bridgehead, Italy.
17th - 18th
The United States destroyed Truk base.
February 22nd
The United States captured Kwajalein, Engebi, Eniwetok and Parry.
The construction of the crematorium began at camp Dora.
March 18th
The Royal Air Force raid on the city of Hamburg, Germany. 3000 tons of bombs were dropped on the city.
March 29th
British and Japanese troops clashed at the Battle of Imphal (India).
April 2nd
The Russians entered Romania.
April 17th
Japan renewed offensive in China.
May 9th
The Russians captured Sebastopol, in the Crimea.
May 18th
Polish troops captured Cassino monastery (Italy).
June 2nd
The Chinese besieged Myitkyina.
June 3rd
The Battle of Kohima ends.
June 4th
The capital of Italy, Rome, fell to the Allied forces.
June 6th
The D-day Invasion, 'Operation Overlord'. (Northern France). Allied forces invaded mainland from southern England. The Allied landings were focused on the Normandy beaches of northern France.
June 13th
The V1 'Doodlebug'. Hitler's first of his secret weapons were unleashed on the unsuspecting people of London and southern England.
June 15th
United States marines landed on Saipan.
June 18th
The British 8th Army took Assisi. The Russians broke through the Mannheim Line.
June 27th
The Americans captured Cherbourg (France), giving the Allies their first main port since the landing on June 6th. The port will continue a non-stop supply needed to maintain the Allied invasion.
July 3rd
The Russians captured Minsk.
July 4th
The British defeated the Japanese at Imphal (India).
July 9th
Caen fell to the Allies. The Falaise Pocket. Saipan is captured by the Americans.
July 18th
United States troops reached St. Lo. Prime Minister Tôjô and the Japanese Cabinet resigned.
July 20th
'The July Plot'. The attempted assassination on the Nazi Führer Adolf Hitler. Colonel Claus von Stauffenberg detonated a bomb at Hitler's HQ in East Prussia (Wolf's Lair). He is later executed for his actions.
July 20th
Surviving the assassination attempt, Hitler met the Italian leader Mussolini.
July 21st
United States marines landed on Guam.
July 24th
United States marines landed on the island of Tinian, South Pacific, 1500 miles from mainland Japan. Work began on the island to accommodate B29 bombers from the 509th squadron. Tinian became the launch point for the atomic bomb attacks on Hiroshima and Nagasaki.
July 31st
The number of prisoners at Dora reached 11,675.
August 24th
General von Choltitz surrendered Paris to Leclerq.
August 25th
Paris was liberated. General De Gaulle entered Paris.
August 27th
The Chindits were evacuated to India.
August 31st
The Russians captured Bucharest.
The production of the secret weapon, the V1 missile began in Kohnstein.
September 3rd
The capital of Belgium, Brussels, was liberated by Allied troops.
September 4th
The port of Antwerp, Belgium, was liberated by Allied troops. An important port which allowed the Allies to shorten the supply line to the advancing front line, as the Allies pushed the Germans back.
September 5th
Russia declared war on Bulgaria.
September 8th
The Nazis started the next generation of secret weapons attacks as the first V2 rockets struck the French and English capitals, Paris and London.
September 17th
The Battle of Arnhem. 'Operation Market Garden' in Holland.
October 1st
Dora grew large enough to be considered a concentration camp and was given the name Dora-Mittelbau and 30 sub-camps are built.
October 2nd
Warsaw patriots surrendered to the Nazis in Poland. The Polish capital Warsaw was levelled.
October 14th
The Allies liberated Athens.
October 14th
Field Marshal Erwin Rommel was forced to commit suicide. Rommel took cyanide and allowed Hitler to hide the fact that Rommel was part of the 'July 20th Plot'. Hitler used the funeral for Nazi propaganda.
October 20th
United States landed in the Philippines. Russian troops and Tito's partisans entered Belgrade.
23rd - 26th
United States and Japanese troops clashed in the Battle of Leyte Gulf. The Russians entered East Prussia.
November 18th
The Allies crossed the German border and entered into the Nazi's 'Fatherland'.
December 16th
The Battle of the Bulge. German counter offensive. The attempt to repeat the success of the German offensive in 1939, cutting off the Allied supply line and trapping the bulk of the Allied force.
December 26th
General Patton relieved Bastogne.
Further armament programs were transferred to the "Mittelwerk" death factory.

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