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2nd - 3rd
The Nazis retreated from the Caucasus. The Japanese lost Buna.
January 14th
The Casablanca conference began.
January 23rd
The British 8th Army entered Tripoli.
February 2nd
The Nazis surrendered at Stalingrad, Soviet Union.
February 8th
Wingate's Chindits made first expedition into Burma. Russians recaptured Kursk.
February 14th
Rommel attacked at Faid. Chindits cross Chindwin. The Russians took Rostov.
March 6th
The British 8th Army took on Rommel at Medenine. 43 Allied merchant ships were lost to the U-boats in March.
April 18th
Admiral Yamamoto was shot down and killed by the USAF.
April 19th
The Jewish uprising in the Warsaw ghetto, Poland, ignited.
April 21st
The British 8th Army attacked the Enfidaville Line.
May 7th
Tunis and Bizerta fell to the Allies.
May 11th
The United States started the liberation of the Aleutian Islands.
May 13th
The Nazis and Italians surrendered in Tunisia.
May 16th
Warsaw uprising was crushed by the Nazis. Resistance is ended when SS troops entered the ghetto and cleaned up the last of the Jewish resistance.
May 17th
The Royal Air Force attacked the Ruhr dams, using Barnes Wallis' 'Bouncing Bombs'.
June 29th
United States landed in New Guinea.
July 4th
The Battle of Kursk. The largest tank battle ever fought.
9th - 10th
The Allied invasion of Sicily.
July 22nd
United States take Palermo.
July 25th
Italian leader Mussolini was imprisoned, and Badoglio became the new Italian Prime Minister.
August 17th
The Allied armies reached Messina. The United States Air Force carry out daylight raids on Regensburg and Schweinfurt.
17th - 18th
The RAF launched 'Operation Hydra', a massive bombing raid to destroy the Nazi secret weapons research facility at Peenemünde, on the Baltic coast.
August 23rd
The Russians retook Kharkov.
August 28th
After the RAF raid on Peenemünde, plans to move the work underground were implemented. Dora was created as a sub-camp of the Concentration Camp Buchenwald.
September 3rd
The Allies landed in Calbria. The Armistice signed but not announced.
September 8th
The Italians announced their surrender. The Nazis moved to occupy the Italian capital Rome.
September 9th
The Allies landed at Salerno.
September 12th
Imprisoned deposed Italian leader Mussolini was rescued by Nazi commandos in a daring and well executed mission.
September 25th
The Russians retook Smolensk.
Prisoner transports brought workers to excavate the underground facilities built under the Kohnstein Mountain. This facility built the V2 rockets designed by Dr. Wernher von Braun.
October 13th
The Italians declared war on Germany.
October 25th
The Russians retook Dnepropetrovsk.
November 1st
United States marines landed on Bougainville.
November 6th
The Russians retook Kiev.
November 18th
The Allied air offensive. The Royal Air Force made its heaviest raid yet on the German capital Berlin.
November 20th
The British 8th Army crossed Sangro.
November 22nd
The Cairo Conference. The Allies met with the leader of the Chinese Nationalists, Chiang Kai-shek in Cario in Egypt.
November 28th
The Teheran Conference in Iran. The Allied leaders met with Churchill, Roosevelt and Stalin in attendance.
The "Mittelwerk" Company was founded and ordered for the assembly-line production of V2 rockets to commence.

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