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January 1st
United Nations Declaration was signed by 26 countries.
January 2nd
Japan captured Manila.
January 11th
The British retook Sollum. Japan attacked the Dutch East Indies.
January 28th
The Nazis retook Benghazi. The Royal Australian Air Force bomb Rabaul.
February 8th
Japan captured Rangoon.
February 15th
The largest British capitulation was witnessed as the Japanese captured Singapore.
February 19th
Japan bombs the northern Australian town of Darwin.
26th - 28th
The Battle of the Java Sea.
March 2nd
Japan captured Batavia.
April 8th
The United States surrendered at Bataan.
April 16th
The George Cross was awarded to Malta.
May 6th - 8th
Wainwright surrendered all the British forces to the Japanese in the Philippines.
May 15th
The Battle of Coral Sea.
May 30th
The Allied air offensive. The first British RAF '1000 Bomber' raid on Cologne.
June 3rd - 4th
The US and Japanese battle fleets met at the Battle of Midway.
June 5th
The Nazis besieged the city of Sebastopol, Crimea.
June 24th
Rommel advanced to Sidi Barrani in north Africa.
June 25th
The British 8th Army retreated to Mersa Matruh. Eisenhower was appointed Commander-in-Chief in Europe.
July 3rd
Nazis gained Sebastopol from the Soviet Union.
August 7th
US troops landed on the Solomon Islands.
August 12th
Churchill met Stalin in Moscow.
September 13th
The battle for Stalingrad began.
October 23rd
The Battle of El Alamein. The British defeated the German and Italian armies in north Africa.
November 1st
US Marines launched an attack in the Guadalcanal.
3rd - 5th
Axis troops retreated from El Alamein. The British advanced.
November 8th
'Operation Torch' began. The Allied invasion of North Africa.
November 11th
The Nazis occupied Southern France. The Nazis occupied Tunisia. Darlan surrendered to the Allies. The British 8th Army took Bardia.
November 13th
The Allies took Tobruk.
November 19th
The Russians attacked Romanian troops north of Stalingrad.
November 20th
The Allies took Benghazi.
Italian born, US physicist Enrico Fermi built the first nuclear reactor at the University of Chicago, USA. His research was studied and helped led to the development of the atomic bomb (The Manhattan Project).
Mexico and Brazil declared war on Germany and Japan.

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