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January 6th
In a speech to Congress, Franklin D. Roosevelt declareed four freedoms : freedom of speech and religion, freedom of want and fear -- that are essential to democratic interests.
January 22nd
The Allies took Tobruk.
February 2nd
Rommel "The Desert Fox" arrived in Tripoli.
March 8th
United States senate passeed the Lend-Lease Bill.
March 28th
The Battle Of Cape Matapan. The British defeated the Italian fleet.
April 5th
Wavell sent British troops to Greece.
April 6th
The Nazis invaded Greece and Yugoslavia.
April 13th
Rommel encircled Tobruk. The Soviet Union signed neutrality pact with Japan.
April 23rd
Charles Lindbergh warned the United States against entering into a war it cannot win.
May 21st
The Nazis took Maleme airfield in Crete.
May 24th
The British battleship H.M.S. Hood was sunk when it clashed with the German battleship Bismarck.
May 27th
The German battleship Bismarck is sunk by pursuing Britsh destroyers.
British engineer Frank Whittle flew the first aircraft with a jet engine, when the Gloster E 28/29 flew with the Whittle jet engine.
June 8th
The Allies invaded Syria.
June 22nd
Nazi Germany implemented 'Operation Barbarossa', the Nazi invasion of the Soviet Union.
July 12th
The British and the Soviet Union signed the Anglo-Soviet Treaty of Mutual Assistance.
July 28th
Japanese troops landed in Indochina.
August 5th
Britain and America imposed trade ban on sale of raw materials to Japan. Russian resistance at Smolensk was eliminated.
August 12th
Army Group North advanced on Leningrad. Leningrad was threatened by the Nazi advance.
August 12th
President Roosevelt and Prime Minister Churchill of Great Britain met for their first wartime conference, held on board naval vessels anchored at Placentia Bay, off the coast of Newfoundland, Canada.
August 14th
A statement from FDR and Churchill, subsequently known as 'The Atlantic Charter', was issued. The Charter was a statement of principles and war aims for the two countries.
August 19th
German Army Group South captured 650,000 Soviet soldiers at Kiev.
September 5th
Germans occupied the Baltic state of Estonia.
8th - 9th
The Nazis isolated Leningrad. Leningrad was cut off from the rest of Russia, which put the city of Leningrad into a state of siege.
September 28th
The first Arctic convoy left for Russia from Iceland.
October 17th
Tôjô became the Prime Minister of Japan, succeeding Konoe.
October 20th
The Nazis took Bryansk.
October 30th
The Nazis advanced through the Crimea in the south and attacked Moscow.
November 18th
The British 8th Army launched the second Allied Desert campaign in north Africa.
December 5th
Hitler abandoned Moscow offensive for the winter.
December 7th
US naval base, Pearl Harbor was attacked by Japanese warplanes. The Pacific War began as Japan attacked the Philippines, Hong Kong and Malaya.
December 8th
In Congress President Franklin D. Roosevelt declared a state of war against Japan. The Soviet Union remained neutral against Japan.
December 9th
China declared war on Germany and Japan.
December 10th
Japan captured Guam.
December 11th
Germany and Italy declared war on the United States of America. Japan attacked Burma.
December 23rd
Japan captured Wake Island.
December 24th
British troops retook Benghazi.
December 25th
Japan captured Hong Kong.

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