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Concerns with Austro-Hungarian expansion into the Balkans, especially with Serbia.
June 28th
Austrian Archduke Franz Ferdinand, and his wife, were shot and killed by a Bosnian student Gavrilo Prinzip, when they visited Sarajevo. Prinzip was backed by the Serbian nationalists the 'Black Hand'.
June 30th
Soviet space pioneer Vladimir Nikolaevich Chelomey was born. Chelomey was a Soviet aerospace engineer, and part of the Soviet space programme.
July 23rd
Austro-Hungary, supported by Germany, issued a ultimatum to Serbia. Failure of Serbia to comply to the demands mobilized Austro-Hungarian forces on the border with Serbia, ready to invade.
July 29th
In response to Austro-Hungary mobilization on the Serbia border, the Russians mobilized their forces to defend Serbia, in response to any Austro-Hungarian attack.
July 31st
Austrian artillery bombarded Serbian capital Belgrade. Germany demanded that Russia steps down its mobilization and build up of forces.
August 1st
Britain demanded that Belgium neutrality be respected, and guaranteed.
August 2nd
German troops invaded Luxembourg. German and French troops clashed. Germany demanded right of passage through Belgium to confront or defend any French moves.
August 2nd
British Prime Minister Herbert Asquith ordered British troop mobilization in preparation for war.
August 3rd
Belgium rejected Germany's demands for right of passage.
August 3rd
Germany declared war on France.
August 4th
German troops invaded Belgium.
August 4th
Britain demanded German withdrawal from Belgium. Germany ignored British demand. This action prompted Britain to declare war on Germany.
Australia entered World War 1.
The Emperor of Japan declared war on Germany.
New Zealand occupied Western Samoa.
The Panama Canal was opened.
Egypt became a British protectorate.

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