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January 3rd
In Britain, the Sidney Street Siege took place in London. The Latvian anarchist gang responsible for a failed robbery on a jewellers in the East End of London on December 16th 1910, were found and cornered. British Home Secretary, Winston Churchill, sent in the troops.
February 6th
Ronald Reagan, the famous Hollywood actor and later the United States President, was born.
March 16th
The infamous Nazi doctor and war criminal Josef Mengele was born.
March 24th
In Denmark, the death penalty and flogging was abolished.
March 25th
Jack Ruby was born. The club owner killed of Lee Harvey Oswald live on tv. Oswald was accused of killing President John Kennedy in 1963.
April 13th
In Mexico, rebels took Aqua Prieta close to the US border. Government troops retook the town on April 17th when the rebel leader "Red" Lopez was drunk.
April 19th
In Mexico, Francisco Madero's troops besieged government troops at Ciudad Juarez and demanded that General Juan J. Navarro surrendered. Navarro refused.
May 8th
Mexican revolutionary Pancho Villa launched an attack against government troops in Ciudad Juarez without the permission of Francisco Madero. Government troops surrendered on May 10th.
May 11th
In the United States, American actor and comedian Phil Silvers was born. Silvers starred as Sgt Ernie Bilko in the hit tv series Sgt. Bilko in the 1950s.
May 18th
The Austrian composer Gustav Mahler died.
May 17th
In Mexico, President Porfirio Díaz was convinced to resign but he does not do it officially.
May 21st
In Mexico, a peace treaty struck between Francisco Madero's rebels and government troops in Ciudad Juarez.
May 24th
In Mexico, government troops open fire at and kill 200 people at a anti-Diaz demonstrators in Mexico City. Government officially claimed that only 40 demonstrators were killed by the troops.
May 25th
In Mexico, ex-President Porfirio Diaz of mexico signed his resignation and left for Veracruz.
May 31th
Ex-President Porfirio Diaz left mexico to live in exile in France.
June 7th
In Mexico, rebel leader Francisco Madero arrived in Mexico City just after a local earthquake in the region.
June 15th
In the United States, IBM was incorporated as Computing-Tabulating-Recording Company in New York.
June 22nd
In Britain, the Coronation of King George V and his wife Queen Mary took place at Westminster Abbey in London.
July 24th
The lost ancient city of Machu Picchu was discovered by Hiram Bingham.
August 9th
Raunds, Northamptonshire records a temperature of 98°F (36.7°C), the highest UK temperature until 1990.
August 10th
In Britain, MPs (Members of Parliament) voted to receive paid salaries for the first time.
August 22nd
In France, the theft of the 'Mona Lisa' was discovered at the Louvre in Paris. Vincenzo Peruggia was captured and the painting returned to the Louvre in 1913.
September 7th
In France, the French poet Guillaume Apollinaire was arrested on suspicion of the theft of the 'Mona Lisa' from the Louvre. Apollinaire was later released from jail.
September 20th
In Britain, the liner RMS Olympic, the sister ship to the RMS Titanic, collided with Royal Navy cruiser HMS Hawke outside the port of Southampton.
October 10th
In China, revolution exploded with the 'Wuchang Uprising' against the Manchu dynasty and would lead to the founding of the Republic of China.
October 16th
In Mexico, Felipe Diaz, nephew of the ex-Mexican President, Porfirio Diaz, occupied the port of Veracruz as a sign of rebellion against the rebel leader of the Mexican Revolution, Francisco Madero.
October 18th
In China, the Chinese Revolution was successful and the revolutionaries under Sun Yat-sen toppled and overthrew China's Manchu dynasty.
November 3rd
In the United States, Chevrolet officially entered the automobile market to compete with Ford and its Model T.
November 5th
Italian troops invaded and conquered Libya. Italy annexed Libya's capital Tripoli and Cyrenaica.
December 11th
In India, the coronation of King George V and Queen Mary took place in New Delhi. The coronation established the King and Queen as both Emperor and Empressof India.
December 12th
In India, the capital of India was changed to New Delhi from Calcutta, now known as Kolkata.
December 14th
Roald Amundsen's expedition reached the South Pole.
December 29th
In China, as a result of the 'Wuchang Uprising' and the overthrow of the Manchu dynasty, Sun Yat-sen became the first President of the Republic of China.

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