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January 2nd
Russian naval base at Port Arthur (now Lüshun) north-east China surrendered to Japanese forces. The port had been under siege since February 8th 1904.
January 22nd
'Bloody Sunday' massacre in St. Petersburg, Russia. Workers marched onto Tsar Nicholas II at the Winter Palace. Russian troops opened fire killing protesters.
February 29th -
March 10th
Japanese forces took Mukden (now Shenyang), the capital of Manchuria, China, from Russian forces.
March 3rd
Tsar Nicholas II of Russia agreed to create an elected assembly, which was called the 'Duma'.
March 5th
Russian troops began to retreat from Mukden, Manchuria, after the Russians lost 100,000 troops in three days.
March 10th
The Japanese captured of Mukden (now Shenyang) completed the rout of Russian forces in Manchuria, China.
March 19th
Albert Speer was born. Speer became a high ranking Nazi official and Hitler's architect. After WWII he was imprisoned by the Allies for 20 years for his involvement at the Nuremberg Trials.
March 24th
Famous French author Jules Verne died.
Albert Einstein started work on his 'special theory of relativity' as well as the 'theory of Brownian motion'.
May 11th
Albert Einstein submited his dissertation 'On the Motion of Small Particles' , which explained the 'theory of Brownian motion'.
May 27th
Russian Baltic fleet was destroyed by the Japanese fleet under Admiral Togo at Tsushima.
June 7th
The Norwegian Parliament declared the union with Sweden dissolved, Norway achieved independence.
June 14th - 15th
Russian sailors mutinied on the battleship Potemkin.
June 30th
Albert Einstein published the article "On the Electrodynamics of Moving Bodies" where he discovers special relativity.
August 13th
Norway held a referendum in favour of dissolving the union with Sweden.
August 23rd
Peace Treaty signed by Russia and Japan. Russia evacuated Manchuria, China, and recognised Japan's occupation.
September 5th
Russo-Japanese War ended. Mediated by US President Theodore Roosevelt, with the signing of the Treaty of Portsmouth in New Hampshire, signed by the victor Japan and the defeated Russia.
October 3rd
HMS Dreadnought was built, a revolution in battleship design which created a naval arms race amongst other nations.
October 26th
Sweden agreed to the dissolvement of the union with Norway. King Oscar II abdicated the Norwegian throne.
October 30th
Tsar Nicholas II was forced to allow Russia's first constitution, conceding limited powers to the national assembly, the Duma.
November 28th
Irish nationalist Arthur Griffith founded the political party Sinn Féin in Dublin. Griffith's aim was the independence of Ireland.
December 24th
The infamous American Howard Hughes was born. Hughes became a wealthy film maker, industrialist, aircraft designer and recluse.

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