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Lee Saunders : The Puzzle Project
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The Lee Saunders' project, 'The Puzzle', has been designed to look at key pivotal events of the 20th Century that have shaped the world in which we live today. These events of the 20th Century are all inter-related by cause or effect, and have set the course for the 21st Century. Using music and other mediums the project will build up a picture of the past that has brought us to the present.

Future pieces of ‘The Puzzle’ will cover other aspects of the 20th Century, building up a audio-visual representation of circumstances that have set in motion the unfolding and enigmatic events of the 21st Century.


A new look, easy to use, web site has been designed and released to support the project. The web site acts as the information backdrop to compliment the release of the CDs. The information is available for those who want to know more about the inspirational events behind the music, and an insight into the ever expanding Puzzle project.

This site offers visitors various different ways to use the information available. The site is divided into Zones. The core of the site is the 'Central Zone', which holds pages relevant to information regarding contact and the people behind the project, and gateways into the different CDs available.

Once within the area of each album and its theme, options are made available for further information regarding the music. Each album area offers individual links to each track featured on the CD, and within each page a brief outline of the track's historical reference, lyrics, short sound samples, and reviews associated with the particular CD being viewed.

Each page also has an internal navigator to allow the visitor to enter the historical zone relevant to the album, and view more in-depth information pertaining to the subject.

Access to these zones can be made directly by selecting from the menu on each page, which will take you to an introductary page, and then to a quick access menu. The menu allows the vistor to access a specific item, or follow the events in a chronological order.

New pages have been added to the already fascinating ‘World War II' zone that supports the 'Promise Of Peace' CD, and now two entirely new sections have been added to the site to support the exciting Space Race project, in conjunction with the release of the CDs.


Lee Saunders' releases of 'The Puzzle'.

All CDs can be ordered via the 'Purchase' page.

A Promise Of Peace : This highly acclaimed debut album is based on World War II, and acts as the first piece of the Puzzle project. The album takes a look at the rise and fall of Nazism through the eyes of the British "Tommy". A chronological look at events in World War II as the clash against good and evil turns the world upside down.

From the rise of Hitler, to the invasion of Poland, the music follows some of the major events of the conflict. Those events include the Phoney War, Dunkirk, the fall of France, the Battle of Britain, the Blitz, Pearl Harbor, the D-day landings, all leading up to VE day and the end of the most devastating war mankind has endured to date.

The effects of this conflict will shape the world for the next 60 years, and further into the next century.

To buy 'A Promise Of Peace' go to the 'Purchase' page.

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