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Lee Saunders : The Puzzle Project
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A new designed 'A Promise Of Peace' has been released and available as from the 1st February 2007. The new design includes a 12 page full colour CD booklet.

The artwork for the new design for 'A Promise Of Peace' is also available as prints of various sizes, as of the 3rd April 2007. See the 'Artwork' section to view the prints.

See the 'Purchase' page to obtain a copy of the new CD 'A Promise Of Peace' and the new supporting artwork.

Lee Saunders : A Promise Of Peace
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A new 'Artwork' section has been added to the site. In the future all new releases will have supporting artwork made available as prints in various sizes. Artwork representing 'The Puzzle Project' and 'A Promise Of Peace' will be available from the 3rd April 2007. See the 'Artwork' section to view the prints or the 'Purchase' page to obtain the artwork.

The Puzzle Poster Print (small)
The Puzzle Project
A Promise Of Peace Print (small)
A Promise Of Peace

: NEW PROJECT UPDATE : The Space Race Project :

We apologise for the delay of the new project based on the 'Space Race'.

The delay is due to circumstances beyond our control. The 'Space Race' project is at full steam towards its final form. Further news regarding this new project will be placed on this page as events develop. All promotional material regarding the project will be sent to those on the Crystal Music database. If you are not listed, get in touch.

Contact us if your details have changed
: E mail Crystal Music your new contact details :

We would like to thank all those that have written to us, showing interest and with words of support.



A new facility introduced to the site. The CD 'A Promise Of Peace' and project artwork is available to purchase via this site. See the 'Purchase' page for details.


A new look, easy to use, web site has been designed and released to support the project. The web site acts as the information backdrop to compliment 'The Puzzle Project'. The information is available for those who want to know more about the inspirational events behind the music and an insight into the ever expanding 'Puzzle' project.

New pages have been added to the already fascinating ‘WWII' zone that supports the 'Promise Of Peace' CD.



The 'Subscribe' facility is now active. It allows visitors to submit their contact details to allow Crystal Music to notify those people interested in receiving new information regarding new releases or new pages added to this site. See the 'Subscribe' page for more details.

We are interested in hearing from listeners and visitors to our site about impressions of, and ideas inspired by, APOP and its themes. We are developing an area in which to share this material. Send us your comments and watch this site for further details.

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A Promise Of PeaceA Promise Of Peace
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